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Any thoughts on the process? Always go for the recommendation or choose your own?
I'm running Hass, and expect more RD failures than the factory teams?


  • patronaspatronas Member Unleaded
    I choose me own in my second season started with force india first season I only applied 1 durabilty to 3 parts ice tc and gear box and one to front down force then spent rest of season buying the parts what reduce the price of parts bought 4 out of 5 upgraded half of my down force just waiting for my to major upgrades to come in next race then should jump ahead of williams going to stop developing the down force for rest of season and start to get the cost of the chassis components down so can start applying them by start next season then by time get half way threw next season should of over took redbull then do the same next season start of season upgrade chassis till get past redbull then spend second half of season paying to reduce engine parts im upto baku now thats the way im aproaching the rnd tree dont know if the is an better way or not but seems to be working for me start with the weakest point of car and work on strongest part at the end just look at ur vehicle performace see which areas ur car is weakest at to start with 
  • patronaspatronas Member Unleaded
    Ive only had one rnd failure out of 10 11 upgrades dont think it matters what team ur with regarding rnd failure
  • Ujhelyi91Ujhelyi91 Member Wheel Nut
    I alternate between recommended and durability. Being in the Mercedes, putting points in durability will help in the long run considering we and the Ferrari are in different leagues now.
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