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Can't save controller settings or reload in dirt rally

I bought dirt Rally from the oculist store a couple of months ago. I love the game and it works very well. However, one of the things that drives me crazy about it is I can't figure out how to save my controller settings and reload them when the game starts. If I go into controls and Define the controls for my CH controller Eclipse wheel it sets up very nicely and does exactly what I want. However when I exit the game ask me if I want to edit the settings or reload the defaults. I don't want either! I wanted to allow me to save my settings and give it a name which seems totally rational and logical to me.

For the life of me I cannot figure out how to save my settings and choose those settings when restarting the game at always revert to the defaults and I have to redefine all of my settings again and of course it happens again the next time I restart the game.

Maybe I am missing in update or something but I would sure appreciate it if somebody could guide me through on how to save my settings give it a name and be able to reload it as a default or selected when the game starts.

I've been after this for a month and cannot figure it out to save my life.
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