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Helmets and minor details in F1 2017 and previous or following F1 games

Hey I am a big fan of F1 since I was about 5 years old
F1 games I started playing with the F1 game from 2001, and since then i played nearly every F1 game, espacially loved the games that made from Codemasters.
And I must say that nearly every new game i enjoyed more than the previous ones, but there are a lot minor details I always had appreciated if they where implemented in the game.
These minor details are in the 2017 version for example are the boots of the drivers when they get on the podium, or that it is always the same cap they wear, it would be nice if you choose between an ordinary cap or a flat cap like Räikönnen or Hamilton are wearing.
Another thing that would be cool is when you drive a classic car that you would also wear the suit the drivers wore when the car was actual.
But the most awesome thing I would wish me for F1 2017 (maybe as a patch or even as a DLC) that if you create a driver for a career mode and you could choose between to create an own helmet or select one a F1 driver wore in the past for example the helmet of Vettel from 2011 or Schuchmachers 20th anniversery helmet, regardless of in wich team you are or teambound like the Vettel 2011 helmet only for drivers in Red Bull Racing, but I would find it more awesome thats regardless of the team you could choose from a variety of helmets all driver have ever wore. This would give the career mode a way more better flair when you could have a helmet that is as awesome as the helmets the other driver wear.
Also it would be cool if you could made the suits more personally like get the number on teh suit like current drivers and name on it.
Also I hope it is not the wrong forum :D

I also got a lot more of thing for new things but lets stay with this at first.

with friendly regards

Rouven :)
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