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Thrustmaster F1 ffb settings

could someone with the F1 wheel please post ffb wheel settings for F1 2017 thanks in advance 


  • SauloCirineuSauloCirineu Member Unleaded
    I use 
    - 70 FFB
    - 30 track
    - 60 kerbs
    - 40 off track
    - 95 handling
    I tried a lot of different setups, these are the settings that I felt very comfortable. 
  • PR3D4TORPR3D4TOR Member Unleaded
    edited September 2017
    Its more about which wheelbase you have since the WB is responsible for the Force-Feedback.

    I had this wheel with the TX Wheelbase until yesterday (sold my Thrustmaster stuff) and my settings were

    - 120 FFB (75% in Control Panel)
    - 80 track
    - 100 Curbs
    - 80 off track
    - 100 handling
    - no understeer enhancement

    The default settings also worked for me though. 
  • Im using a TX Servo Base with F1 Rim with these settings and feel pretty decent and stable:

    Overall Strength: 85%
    Wheel Settings:
    Constant: 100%
    Periodic: 100%
    Spring 0% (off)
    Damper 0% (off)

    - 110 FFB
    - 100 track
    - 100 Curbs
    - 80 off track
    - 100 handling
    - no understeer enhancement
    i7 4790K | 32GB Vengeance Pro | EVGA GTX 980Ti SLI | Thrustmaster TX Base | Ferrari F1 Rim | 599xx Rim | Tobii EyeX | Monsta SIM Dash | Fanatec SQ 1.5 Shifter|  Fanatec Handbrake | Fanatec CSP V3 with load cell | DSD Sequential Shifter | DSD P1/2 Button Boxes |
  • pover74pover74 Member New Car Smell
    Anybody got any settings for fanatec  csl elite on ps4 running clubsport f1 rim and v2 pedals cheers 
  • wizzard69wizzard69 Member New Car Smell
    Wow thanks guys very appreciated gonna try some of these this weekend tks 
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