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Online Championship Stuck on "Please wait"

PS4 - post patch 1.06
create new online championship from multiplayer .. hit ready. Screen stuck on "please wait" forever


  • FullSpe3d98FullSpe3d98 Member New Car Smell

    experiencing exact same issue here, cannot play online championship at all
  • JuanCarMRJuanCarMR Member Wheel Nut
    edited September 2017

    Also in one multiplayer race. Finally one has created, entry alone and then the rest has joined and has run at the end. 

    @F1Support fix it asap, please!!! 

    exact same issue 

    only bought the game for online championship so pretty annoyed 
  • Waffle18Waffle18 Member New Car Smell
    Does anybody know if this has been resolved yet?
  • JuanCarMRJuanCarMR Member Wheel Nut
    @F1Support here you have two videos about that issue:

    First one about online championship:


    The second one about a custom lobby race:

  • ZenRazoZenRazo Member New Car Smell
    Same problem here. We have been running an online championship since the games release and have not had a single issue with any previous patch. Since patch 1.06 has gone live we get stuck with black screen and please wait in top left corner after the tyre allocation screen.
    So it is 100% patch 1.06 related.
    **** happens Codemasters. We get that. Just get it fix by the weekend please!
  • JuanCarMRJuanCarMR Member Wheel Nut
    @jennyannem says that they are aware of that bug and they are investigating.
  • jennyannemjennyannem Member, Codemasters Community Manager
    JuanCarMR said:
    @jennyannem says that they are aware of that bug and they are investigating.
    Yep, we are - your videos have been extremely helpful, so thank you for those!
  • TARJAMTARJAM Member Wheel Nut
    I am volunteering for f1 2018 beta tests from now @jennyannem
  • JuanCarMRJuanCarMR Member Wheel Nut
    TARJAM said:
    I am volunteering for f1 2018 beta tests from now @jennyannem
    Me too!!!! 
  • lauri912lauri912 Member New Car Smell
    edited September 2017
    same problem here...

    we already finished three races in our online championship and had the AI level on 75

    since the patch we have on the one hand the problem with the "please wait" screen

    and on the other hand, when we started a new championship, it worked fine at the beginning, but once we restarted the game, the AI level was set down to 0 every time
    so, when i change the level up to 75 again (as host of the championship) it is just increased for me... for the other two guys still at 0
    the problem with that is, the game is simulating 1/3 of the AI on level 75 und the other 2/3 on 0, cause its just set to 75 for me and for the other two guys still 0

    just wanted to let you know the whole problem, so thanks for working on the problem 
  • JuanCarMRJuanCarMR Member Wheel Nut
    @F1Support IMO the problem is something reffer to the saved data, for instance, if you create a lobby without load data, you can access to the race, but, if you create a lobby loading datas, the problem persist. 
    I want to check if the problem is just only with data saved in previous versions or if it is saving data from the current session as well. 

    In championship mode is the same problem because the data are preloaded, so, the problem would be de data including the current 1.6 version indeed. 
  • TARJAMTARJAM Member Wheel Nut
    Any update here please? @jennyannem       
  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    This issue should be fixed in patch 1.7.
  • JuanCarMRJuanCarMR Member Wheel Nut
    @F1Support the topic for this threat is fixed with the 1.7 patch.

    Thank you!

    keep an eye and continuous fixing bugs in order to have the best F1 game ever!!!
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