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F1 2017 ESPORT POST - Issues, Good Things & 3rd fastest!

Hello Guys! 

This post is based on the experience that we had in the first round of the F1 2017 eSport event. I really hope that we can make it interactive, so feel free to post your comments! 
I made a video where I talk about my point of view. I go in details with issues that I have recognized.
I had the 3rd fastest overall time globally, and I show you that video as well, so if you are interested in make sure you watch it. 

If you are really not interested in my voice, I will write down what I was speaking about the video shortly. Its nearly a lyrics, lol! :D 

"So, the first turn of the event took place last week and this Monday and Thuesday. 
The task was to complete the last five laps of a 100% long Monza race with a Force India that got fresher and softer tyres than anybody else out on the track. You got a score at the end, and you could try as many times as you wanted. 
The score was based on your driving. You got a score for the fastest lap, for the overall time, and for clean racing. You got a multiplier depending on what assists you used and what level you set the AI on. 
You are thinking now, that it is very good, its detailed, and there is nothing to speak about in the case of problems. Actually, it is not true.
I had the 3rd fastest time of all the guys ahead. 
And I had a quite good fastest lap, I left about 1 there which costed about a hundred point for me, not more really. But those guys, if they are legit, they must have set a time that is half a second faster then by best time which I really cant believe. 
Impulsive racer is my friend(he is the P1) , and I heard that there were some kind of glitches with corner cutting and with tyres, but he did not really wanted to give any information even for me before the event ended. 
If I know it right, every member of the TOP 5 has to prove the video for Codemasters, actually I hope those videos will be public because I want to see them really. 
Because if they could set a fastest lap by half a second over me, why weren’t they faster? 

The other problem was with the AI for me. Sometimes the lapped Magnussen in the last lap or one before ruined everything. Sometimes Vettel and Magnussen crashed, and sometimes Ricciardo and Verstappen holded up eachother as well. Yes, that can be realistic, but esport is about making NO SENSE FOR RANDOM FACTORS. So the AI should have set the same times every time, and Vettel should have catch up to Magnussen everyt time in the same postion but unfortunately it was not like that. 
And after hours of practicing, I guess you understand that I was a bit angry when my whole race was ruined because of these bugs. 
The other thing was that, when sometimes the AI just did not recognize you, you were side by side of him, and it just crashed into you. But this last case was very very rare, but still its fustrating, because as I have already said there should be no random factors in any esport event! 
All in all, I have to say that Codemasters did a better job than I expected, but it still could have been a little bit better, and can be better for the next qualification that starts in 4 days, on the 18th day of this month, September." 


  • MoAdoy1MoAdoy1 Member New Car Smell
    Congrats!That is all great, but I would have loved personally to be at least able to see my name on the website. I did register and it is being linked to my playstation account (at least it is green and said linked) but it never showed. If anybody can tell me what could be the possible problem, that would be outstanding. I would like to fix this before the 18th. Many
  • lolschrauberlolschrauber Member Race Engineer
    I'm kinda sad about the community with this game. Nobody ever uses cockpit mode. Why? Where's the spirit?
    Does your life have a TV-Cam? No, it doesn't.
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