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[XB1] [1.5] No Blue Flags

Platform: Xbox One
Version: 1.5
Game Mode: Career
Race Settings: AI(100) Distance(100%) Flags(On) SC(On)


After returning from a mid session save during a race in China on career mode blue flags are not triggering meaning any car being overlapped blue flag conditions will not appear and the AI car will continue to race as normal and will not move aside to let any the overlapping car go past. This can happen to AI overlapping any other AI cars.

Reproduce Instructions:
Start at race in career mode. Save & Exit. Load race save. Approach a car that your lap in front of OR be overlapped by AI. Blue flag conditions will not trigger.


  • JDR83JDR83 Member New Car Smell
    I have the same fault on the PC game too
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Race Steward
    You will need to wait for 1.7, please search and read the responses from @F1Support
    You'll find me at apexonlineracing.com 
  • KevinYoungKevinYoung Member New Car Smell
    Don't hold your breath tho.  This problem has been brought soon as the game been released and still not fixed by any of the 2 patches.
  • KairronenKairronen Member New Car Smell
    Seems like there are no rules anymore after a mid save. Corner cutting is also allowed.
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