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Garage Animations

Not a bug and not a massive issue, just more of a pet peeve. When you drive back into the pits or even when you hand back the tablet after car setup, you have to wait until the animation is finished before you can view the monitor:

Setup: Even though you've handed the tablet back and the monitor is there for you to use, you have to wait that extra 2 secs for the engineer to put the tablet down and return back to the car before you can view the monitor. 

Driving back to the pits: the monitor is 1 of the 1st things put in place once you're back in the pits yet you have to wait for the rest of the mechanics to finish their animation of taking the tyre off and connecting wires or whatever which is a good 5-6 secs before you are allowed to view the monitor.

Why is this? Surely it can be changed to allow access to other options while the animation plays out. 

As I said, just a pet peeve and can wait until after the major issues are sorted and just a little constructive feedback. 


  • AJC2424AJC2424 Member New Car Smell
    This has always bothered me too - the sheer time it takes for them to work through the animations and let you out / bring you back in is unbelievable at times.

    I've found that it makes it extremely difficult to use the driver tracker screen since by the time the guy announces "car to track", the man runs out of the front of the garage, they take off the tyre blankets, remove the monitor etc. - anyone who you thought you might get out ahead of is long gone!

    Likewise, with time running out in qualifying, the real drivers sometimes do a quick pit stop to change to fresh tyres and get straight back out. Something I'd love for Codemasters to implement in future F1 games. As things stand you just can't do that. You are forced to stop at the garage and wait while the pit crew go through their animations to bring you back into the garage. At which point the time has run out to change tyres (another lengthy animation while you request the tablet) and get back out there to cross the line before the end of qualifying.
  • ArthurRayArthurRay Member New Car Smell
    Agreed on the garage animations.  To me they are a pita.  Don't know if it helps on time or not, I just use the return to garage option to avoid waiting through the animation sequence.  
  • Flazh92Flazh92 Member Pit Crew
    edited September 2017
    I made a thread about fast pitstops before the release of the game which would make this less of a problem. It is really annoying that you can't do a quick "race" pitstop in Qualifying or Practice. Sometimes I just need to change the tires really quick to go into Q2 but if the time is about the run out you can't do much but watch your crew rolling the car back into the pits put the tire heaters on and wait till the tablet is back on the table to start another run..

  • Moses77Moses77 Member New Car Smell
    The setup tablet animation is annoying as hell. Especially if you just briefly want to compare the setups of other players in timetrial mode.

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