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Frustrations with wet weather

First of all, so it doesn't seem like I'm just here to moan, I want to express how impressed I am with the latest patch. Qualifying has been fixed and most of the irritating bugs have been ironed out, so great job Codies. I do still have a few issues with the game, though:

For one, there are way too many wet/intermediate sessions. Practice usually isn't an issue, but there are simply an unrealistic number of wet qualifying sessions and races. This problem is compounded by the fact that the AI are not very good in wet conditions at all. I raised this last year and it was one of few issues I had with what I thought was a great game, and it still seems to be a problem on 2017. You might suggest that this is purely subjective and down to individual player skill, but I can guess that most here will have experienced a wet race or qualifying session where you may not have driven particularly well but you ended up in a higher position than normal. This sucks most of the fun out of races and makes them predictable and boring. I usually end up simming these races too.

I doubt this will get much attention because it's not a bug or something that many people want 'fixed' but I thought it important to raise it here anyway just to see how everyone else feels about it
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