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F1 2017: Grid Penalty bug Career Mode

I've placed first in qualifying several times now but somehow always ended up further down the grid. Last race I double (triple) checked to make sure I hadn't gotten a penalty or something just to be sure, and I hasn't. Yet I had to stay from P11 instead of P1. And as I said, this has happened several times.

I'm also still within my limit of 4 with every part of my car so that's not it either.

I mean it can be fun at times having to fight my way up to the front but now it's just getting frustrating and it's beginning to ruin my enjoyment of the game.


  • EplehusetEplehuset Member New Car Smell
    I've also started to think that there are some kind of grid penalty bug. The last race I did, I qualified 5th, did not do any changes to the engine parts and still I had to start from last position. I have honestly no idea as to why I got that big grid penalty ...
  • tomlaan84tomlaan84 Member New Car Smell
    Same issue here on ps4 1.07 version. Very annoying getting put back to 11th while qualifying 1st and no parts changed. 
  • RaalteRaalte Member Race Steward
    Didn't change a gearbox?

    Body is just long enough 
  • tomlaan84tomlaan84 Member New Car Smell
    No gearbox change either.  Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  • BoothJoeBoothJoe Member Unleaded
    In F1 2016 I found (and it was confirmed by a couple of other people) that if you got a penalty in practice and quit the session saying you knew that you'd lose your progress, the penalty was remembered by the game and applied on the grid. I do not recall if it told you that you got the penalty.  I had a case last night in F1 2017 where I got whacked by the AI and given a penalty and quit out of the session, but it did not apply that penalty so either that doesn't happen in 2017 or the set of circumstances weren't exactly the same. Do you recollect if you took any penalties in a practice session and quit without completing it?
  • GiorgioR1GiorgioR1 Member New Car Smell
    @F1Support, I am having the same issues above for 3 consecutive races, could you please help us ? (PS4,  version 1.09)
  • dreamfa11dreamfa11 Member New Car Smell
    PC, 1.9, Career mode.

    I'm having exactly the same issues. For 3 races in a row ended up in 20th place without any reason. Last time I double checked everything and changed my engine components before P3 without adding any new components. Still P20. 

    And there's no way to get back and at least capitalize on that by getting a fresh engine once you're aware that you have penalties. It's frustrating.
  • dreamfa11dreamfa11 Member New Car Smell
    Took an engine penalty in attempt to reset things, but the next race still got a grid penalty and ended up in P20. So now it's 4/5 races of unjust grid penalties. Career mode is just unplayable.
    Come on guys, driving Sauber is enough of a challenge on it's own. 
  • Ric218Ric218 Member New Car Smell
    Me too! Two races in a row. 10 place grid penalty. I wish you would at least be told why. I am positive I have done nothing wrong. What are the chances we will get any word from Codemasters on this?!

    just started the GP feeling good about myself for having grabbed 3rd in a Renault. Then I start in 13th. Being told we are further down the order than we would have liked is a big insult when you have no idea you were just randomly relegated. 
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