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Go fix the multiplayer mode

The Multiplayer mode on ps4 is ****


  • pergraverpergraver Member New Car Smell
    Multiplayer does not work, can not choose A1 level, got drivetrough penalty for jumpstart in the middle of the race.
  • kopite4everkopite4ever Member New Car Smell
    Multiplayer is **** on Xbox one as race starts we get vsc at the very start and also when loading in a championship getting unnamed player on screen thanks
  • juannl65juannl65 Member New Car Smell
    multiplayer game starts and then....black screen until the beeps are hearable,
    so then there is no time to set up the car and you have to race with standart setup

    also whats up with the clasics ????
    if i like to drive a red bul 2010 i play F1 2010 on my 360XBOX!!

    then there's this ...
    can you please make the option for selecting a track more variable

    I would like that fixed plzzzz
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