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FIA wec

coxy690coxy690 Member New Car Smell
its probably been posted here before. But why no wec game? With how good the racing is, I feel like the sports car fans don't have a decent game to call there own. We have to make do with games that a few cars here and there. I think it's time for a proper effort to be made. Apologies If this is in the wrong place 


  • HughesyHughesy Member Champion
    Plenty of games have WEC cars. The reason there's no game is because interest isn't that high. Plus making it realistic most people won't do the 24 hours. Obviously you can cut it down, but that removes the unique selling point of WEC.
  • coxy690coxy690 Member New Car Smell
    I'd disagree with the interest. I think there is plenty of it. I also think with ingame saving doing 24,12 or even 6 hours is possible. And even with making races shorter I don't think you would loose much in the way of realism. Sure you would be lapping or being lapped much. But you have your own class battles taking place 
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