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Broken safety car

Platform: Xbox One
Mode: Championships
Championship: Double Header
Car: Force India
Track: Monza

I was competing in the feature race at Monza running in around 5-6th place when Kimi broke down through the Ascari Chicane in front of me. It was one lap before I was due to stop so took the descion to pit on the current lap. I rejoined around 14th and saw the Saftey Car was stationary  around the Curva Grande waiting to pick up the leader. I also noticed on the mini-map there was already a queue of stationary cars behind the safety car, as I approached it was positions 13 through 9. I was instructed to overtake the saftey car but by doing so gained 5 positions which clearly isn't allowed under the safety car but I had no choice. It's almost like all the cars had different instructions. 4 cars also got two drive through penelaties each for not catching the safety car queue which I thought was odd, but it then happened to me at The Circuit Of Americas feature Race.

Similarly to Monza, a car broke down one lap before I was due to come in so I stopped on that lap. Vettel was the only other driver to do so. As I was already running about 11th and way off the front, I left the pits in 18th but was then given 30 seconds to join the safety car queue as soon as I left the pits. The field was roughly 1/2 of the way round the lap so I had no realistic chance of catching them and subsequently got a drive through penalty. 

It seriously needs fixing because it is completely ruining the races every time a safety car comes out. 



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