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F1 2017 - On the shoulders of giants Trophy/Achievement is Glitched.

Lightsp33d1987Lightsp33d1987 Member New Car Smell
People that got the trophy just needed to upgrade 47 parts in the 3 main categories which is the required 75% for the trophy, Now me and others have gone well past this and still no Trophy so this needs looking into and fixing.

On the shoulders of giants.
Have 75% of the vehicle upgrades applied

EDIT: I now have this trophy but still needs looking into also I'm playing on PS4 Pro.


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  • Johnners04496Johnners04496 Member New Car Smell
    I've just got to the 47th upgrade in Career mode by upgrading the last of the power train updates, yet didn't get the Shoulders of Giants trophy with the "Some Assembly Required" trophy. If there is an issue with the trophy then I hope someone from Codemasters sees this, because I'm a couple trophies away from Platinum on PS4 and this glitch would ruin it
  • likewiselikewise Member Pit Crew
    PS4 Pro...I know that it didn't pop for me until I had developed to the 48th upgrade... kinda scary since it took quite a long time for this trophy...

  • Lightsp33d1987Lightsp33d1987 Member New Car Smell
    Update on this I carried on and it finally popped I put 2 more in durability and 1 more in aero which is still way more than I seen anyone else need almost 6 and a half seasons to get me this far but got the platinum now.
  • Johnners04496Johnners04496 Member New Car Smell
    Ah awesome to hear! Maybe it includes the durability and competencies as well, nearly there on that regard so will post if it works out! Congrats on the Platinum! 
  • Johnners04496Johnners04496 Member New Car Smell
    Small update, I got the trophy this evening, seems to take a bit more than 75%, closer to 80 or 85%
  • Irons92Irons92 Member New Car Smell
    Im still to get this achievement yet, im over 80% in all categories and still nothings come up :/ someone help !
  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Pit Crew
    Same issue, was thinking maybe need 75% in every category in R&D but as stated above this seems not to be the case either, its a long road.
    Durability 61%
    Chassis 76%
    Aero 100%
    Power 87%
    Competencies 100%
    And 100% on all Wind Tunnel bonuses in all categories.
    Just working on Durability now and hopefully get it at 75% +?
  • NesjamagNesjamag Member Unleaded
    The way this achievement works is you need 75% of your team's potential performance.
    Major upgrades offer double the performance of minor upgrades and ultimate upgrades triple the performance of minor upgrades. Durability isn't included in it.
    So what you should do is count all the possible performance upgrades (engine, aero, chassis, not durability) and add them up with minor having a value of 1, major a value of 2, ultimate a value of 3.
    You need to get 75% of that number.

    So the best strategy is to open up the paths to major and ultimate upgrades during the season and to do major and ultimate after the last race of the season (since upgrades won't fail when you progress to the next season, and they're instantaneous). Using this strategy it's also not worth it to spend points in quality control, but only in efficiency.
  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Pit Crew
    Thanks Nesjamag :) Couldn't even find this info on google search lol! 
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