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F1 2017 PS4 League Clean Racing, all abilitys welcome

fletcherboy77fletcherboy77 Member New Car Smell
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Looking for drivers to race in a league i believe can be successful with the right drivers on board we can shape this league into something that becomes great.

Rules for the league will be -

50% races with Short Qualification
Races will follow the official F1 2017 Calender
Equal performance
Simulation damage
Dynamic weather
Manual starts
Formation lap
Safety car and VSC will be in use
Assists allowed (Apart from braking assist)

Looking at doing the races on a Sunday night around 8.30pm GMT for invites to be sent 

If you want to build this into the great fun league it can become, comment and include your PSN I.D too
My Psn is - Fletcherboy77 (admin) (Josh Fletcher)
Owner of league-nightwalker2014 (Adam lane)
Please visit our website for more information: http://speedforceracingps4.freeforums.net/
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  • fletcherboy77fletcherboy77 Member New Car Smell
    edited September 2017
    There will be a test race next Tuesday (26th September)at 20:30 GMT.So please do not hesitate, places are filling up fast! The season will start on Tuesday 2nd October, Hope to hear from you soon 
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  • technothrillertechnothriller Member New Car Smell
    Hi, I'd like to register my interest. My copy should arrive in the next few days.

    PSN ID - techno-thriller
  • Challenjer17Challenjer17 Member New Car Smell
    How's it going? I see I've missed the test session... but just seeing if there's any chance of joining still? First time here and league biz. Thanks for your time in advance! PS4 name: Challenjer17 
    : )
  • chopper0821chopper0821 Member New Car Smell
    Hi, i know i'm late in the day, but this still happening? would love to be involved. play online and can't remember the last time i completed a race without being smashed into a wall trying to pass someone.

    PSN - Chopper0821
  • schumivettel1schumivettel1 Member New Car Smell
    I would be interested in participating, psn pepi82. Does everyone use a steering wheel?
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