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F1 Race Stars Out Now on the App Store

justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion

Use power-ups, hit jumps, powerslide around corners and speed through shortcuts as you jostle for position with the cast of F1 Race Stars, available now on the App Store for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

40 super-charged tracks from 15 Formula 1 Grand Prix locations across the world.

Featuring all the cars, teams and drivers from the 2013 FIA Formula One World Championship racing across over 40 super-charged tracks from 15 Formula 1 Grand Prix locations across the world. Each track has been designed for quick-fire portable gaming and features jumps, shortcuts and a range of awesome power-ups, including Wet Weather, Homing Bubbles, Safety Car and many more.

Using simple touch or tilt controls, handling is accessible, fast and fun – you’ll now be able to build boost by powersliding around corners and then slingshot up the track, slipstream your rivals and hit boost pads to speed through the pack.


Race as your favourite driver or as one of many of our new fantasy characters and make use of our new upgrades system to really make your mark out on the track.


  • A New Development For iOS – F1 Race Stars’ track design, handling and customisation options are designed to bring fast and fun arcade thrills to racing fans of all ages and is optimised for use on Apple’s latest A7 chip powered iPads and iPhones.
  • Console Quality Visuals - Powered by Codemasters’ EGO Game Technology Platform to feature High Dynamic Range rendering with bloom, full screen post-process effects (blur, distortion, vignettes, anti-aliasing), dynamic weather effects, spherical harmonic lighting and global illumination. Basically, it looks amazing.
  • Official Formula One Cars & Stars - Features all the cars, teams and stars from the 2013 FORMULA ONE season including Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.
  • 40+ Tracks To Master – Set at real-world F1™ GRAND PRIX locations, gamers can race over 40 free-to-play tracks. Powerslide around tight and twisty Monaco, speed along a dragon’s back in China or tear up the baseball field in the USA and more!
  • Fast & Fun Handling – Players can powerslide around corners, use slipstream to close the gap and choose touch or tilt, right or left-handed controls and includes support for the latest game controllers.
  • Awesome Power-ups - Unleash the mighty Bottle Rocket to power through the pack, call in a Rain Cloud on the leader, slow rivals with Wet Weather and many more!
  • Fantasy Drivers - Play as your favourite star or choose from a huge selection of fantasy drivers with their own special abilities – including Robot, Ninja, Wizard, Secret Agent and many more.
  • Collect & Combine Upgrades – Players can discover hundreds of upgrades to boost their character’s skills which can be combined to improve and customise on-track performance.
  • Five Race Modes  - Players can choose from Race events, Elimination mode, Slalom Gate events, Pole Position sprints and tactical Refuel races.
  • TV Output & Gamepad - Experience F1 RACE STARS on your TV and use your device as a controller with dual display mode. F1 RACE STARS also includes support for gamepads for the full console experience.
  • Multiplayer & Social Support – Multiplayer racing is available via Bluetooth and WifFi and gamers can unlock 50+ achievements with Game Center and share progress through Facebook.
  • Officially Licensed - From Codemasters, the publishers of award-winning, multi-million selling FORMULA 1 videogames, F1 RACE STARS is officially licensed by Formula One World Championship Limited.

F1 Race Stars is now available on the App Store and free to download, give it a try and let us know what you think on Twitter or Facebook.


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  • MBKF1MBKF1 Member Moderator
    I downloaded it and it's pretty good fun :p And it's free which is just awesome!
    MBKF1 | Community Moderator | Please be aware that I don't do much actual moderating
  • JordJord Member, Codemasters Codemasters Employee
    Really happy you're enjoying it, Pete! I'd love to hear any feedback, positive or negative :)
    Level Designer :)
  • lugnutusalugnutusa Member New Car Smell
    Having fun with it so far on iPad - my only complaint is the energy system.  I'm not a fan of energy systems that force you to either wait or pay in order to keep playing.

    What benefit do you feel the energy system provides to players?  As it stands, it seems like little more than an artificial barrier designed to get people to pay more.  I'm considering the "welcome" package as it seems like a good deal within the 72 hour window, but the energy system gives me pause.  
    Still trying to relive the "good old days" of RD2 + RD3
  • DemGutDemGut Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2014
    i agree with lugnutusa...it would be more fun if you remove those energies on each of those racers, because it would cause like the "reaction-awhh" whenever the racer loses energy and have like to wait another 25 mins or so just to get into the race again, it is awful, but if your would remove that energy system like lugnutusa said, it would be more fun, hehe, keep it up guys, looking forward on this suggestion of mine and lugnutusa :D
  • kitemafiakitemafia Member New Car Smell
    I love the game, it's a lot of fun to play, especially because it's free. One thing I would love to see are "legend" drivers or in other words drivers that don't race now and are retired, like Schumacher those drivers would have 1 energy since they are retired but only cost about 150 gems. Otherwise the game is awesome, totally got me into it on the first day.
  • tomcctomcc Member New Car Smell
    Please make a update for multiplay over internet. It is not easy to find someone over wifi or bluetooth.
  • MBKF1MBKF1 Member Moderator
    edited May 2014
    I've been playing the game a fair bit over the last week whilst on holiday on my iPad, and I really like it.

    The graphics are great, the tracks are too and I like the fact they are short too. I am also a big fan of the coins feature where you can pay to get those car upgrades before a race.

    However, like the others said, I don't really like the energy count. I'd rather just be able to play all the time and it's a little annoying to have to wait for like 30 minutes before you can race again. I know you can practice, but I want to be able to whizz through the worlds :p

    EDIT: I may be being a fool here, but I can't see any place where you can set up your own races with custom rules. At the moment I think you just have to compete in the races set. I would like to be able to choose any driver, any track, any rules I want.
    MBKF1 | Community Moderator | Please be aware that I don't do much actual moderating
  • lucky00700lucky00700 Member New Car Smell


    Cant see how you set up or race in slalom events? Am I missing something?


  • petegoatboypetegoatboy Member New Car Smell

    Love this game, play on it ever day. Until this evening, every time a track is loading it crashes. When you re-enter it has used up one of your power bars, as if you have raced. But this doesn't matter because it crashes when to try and race again.

    Anyone else having issues?

  • justbigleejustbiglee Member Champion

    That's odd what device are you playing on?

    Former DiRT Community Manager, owner of the most bitchin community in the company

    Twitter: justbiglee

  • buganbugan Member New Car Smell

    Please help. I cant seem to work out how to use DRS. I've done it once or twice but only by accident.

  • cubentiscubentis Member New Car Smell
    edited August 2014

    very nice game 

    here is my advice for those who cry about the energy count 

    its really easy to over pass this system freely, i think the game was more made to try many different pilot with different upgrades.

    the first thing you gotta do is gather money, you can farm some even if you have no energy left, the best track for money is united state 3-11, its a easy way to gather 1200$ per race, add upgrades who can give you more money at each race and you can build up your cash account very fast. 

    next step is to buy the national racers, they only cost 5000$ and even sometimes when you buy one you get an other one half price, thats awesome. so its pretty easy to get lot more driver, so lot more ''energy points'' to play trough the career.  also play the daily challenge each day to get a free F1 driver each 5 days. So in 2 or 3 weeks you will have enough drivers to play the game and have a good rotation so you never miss out of energy .

    after that, try to upgrade specific drivers for XP's to level up faster, and a only a few drivers with upgrades for money purpose, 

    again for money the best driver is the american driver in the american race 3-11 in the normal career. the player offers you 250$ for every victory in USA, add some upgrades like podium rewards , rewards for finishing lap without any damage,  or many more can offer different kind of cash rewards. 

    with a double cash rewards that cost 900 $ you can easily get 2700$ per 1 min race , yeeeee - ahhhh 

    for the question up there : 

    lucky00700 - the slaloms only comes near the end of the normal career, just continue playing, it will appear.

    bugan - DRS boost are obtainable trough stars on the tracks, or by bonus doors, dont forget to activate the doors option "on" in the settings before you race. when you have it in your to do list in the 3 achievements,  my advice is pay to get an other achievement instead, it will cost you less to pay ex. 750$ for 3 use of the DRS.

    the only thing that i dont really like in this game is the lack of information trough the game or on the net itself. Nobody talks about this game, there is no info available to share, on example what is the best mix of upgrades to have the fastest kart, or wich upgrades works with other and wich ones who dont. i think i can see, that we cannot mix very well any kind of upgrades, especially the speed one.  exemples, i can use the xp upgrades for podiums plus the xp race and the additionate perfectly, but when it comes to the +2% or +4 % of top speed, even if its different upgrades, it dont seem to fast you up more than the strongest, so +4%.  so its hard to really understand whats work and whats dont.  even for that again, the speed upgrades, the game should have a visual info ingame to clearly specify that you have a better speed than without the upgrades. +4% of top speed is barely perceptible, in a way that you ask yourself if your really faster or not. a small visual info in the corner of the screen stating that you have a speed upgrade working or only put a speedometer that shows you that with a speed upgrade you reach higher speed. That could be awesome and its a clear way to really understand what do the upgrades you just putted on your driver. 

    in example, there is an upgrade that give you +2% of top speed at the start of the race and it climbs up to +4% top speed for the 2nd lap if you dont run off-track. but there is no clear info stating that you got your lap without off-tracking, and again +2% more is barely perceptible, so did you got it or not ?? thats hard to judge. so a clear info about the upgrades workin on the track right now could be very sweet.  Or even if the game could give the timing of the race, you would be more able to judge the ability of the upgrade by looking at the time on track, you could compare... 

    anyway above all, this game is pure fun, i really like it 

    i cant wait for the next app-upgrades, i want to see the new tracks in the 2nd part of the fantasy career 

    much fun !!

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  • diesel4x497diesel4x497 Member New Car Smell
    Any idea if this will be on the play store (andriod ) in the future ?
  • BlackrorBlackror Member New Car Smell
    why don't you make the original F1 game for Android. . My kids will like this game but not me. Sorry
  • ChenzoInDaHouzChenzoInDaHouz Member New Car Smell
    I am stuck on classic race level 12 slalom speedsters, I beat all the levels with 3 stars as well as the boss sergio perez, but it's not letting me advance to level 13. Race #48 is flashing I am guessing that indicates my next race should be #48, but I've already got 3 stars!!! ****?? anyone having the same problem?
  • kasteel626kasteel626 Member New Car Smell
    Hi , i was in the top 10 on the tournament that just ended and i won a fantasy driver Aviator . That i allready won 2 tournaments back so you give someone something they already has. Are you so stupid or are you trying to annoy people with this lame price ? I want a fantasy driver that i don't have and if you do not aply to my demands then i have to take action . Social media is the first thing i will take action on !! First you give me nothing 3 tournaments back and now i get nothing again . If you think this is the way to treath customers then i can do the same to you !! Its a lot of **** how you did this . Put yourself in my spot then you maybe understand that you screw me !!! Really **** about it
  • xTheDarkLightxxTheDarkLightx Member, Drivers Pit Crew
    I've played it and holy **** is it bad. Who tries to mix Mario Kart with Formula One? By the way Mario Kart is better so get that.
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