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PS4 pro shadows casting weird on fast moving cars [chase cam]

MaxsirmanMaxsirman Member New Car Smell
@jennyannem, this is the second time I report this, and I don't even receive acknowledgment on any of my post, sincerely this is a huge disappointment,  I love the game and this company I feel highly disregarded... 

Anyway here I go again

Básically,  the problem is in the animation of all  proyected or reflected on the car chasis, and  not just with shadows but also with reflections when driving it high speed

As I said... its something related to the animation,  it's like the movement of passing shadows and reflections can't keep up with the car at high speed (this. Does not happen on tires or car flor, only the chasis) .

 Also,  it's  only happening in chase cam, if I switch to TV pod or nose or cockpit this problem is none existing

Here is the evidence, please press special. Attention to how the shadows. Project on the mclaren when passing under a bridge

I am in 4k and with hdr.

An answer would be appreciated 


  • MaxsirmanMaxsirman Member New Car Smell

    for your information, this is an old issue, but still occurs


  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    @Maxsirman, I see what the issue is but it's so minor that at this stage in development it's very unlikely to be fixed sorry.
  • MaxsirmanMaxsirman Member New Car Smell
    Dont worry, i will be sattisfied if you guys fix the new rear lights  :)
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