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Safety Car Glitch

I was racing in career mode in Canada and I was around lap 20 in a wet race when the safety car gets called out. At that point I was running P2 and when the safety car came out I was almost a full lap behind it. Eventually the car in P1 caught up to the safety car and then I began receiving the "falling too far back" message, and every 30 seconds I would get a drive thru penalty no matter how fast I drove. I got 4 drive thru penalties and eventually was disqualified from the race for too many penalties. So my great race running in P2 with a Mclaren due to strategy was ruined, this was extremely frustrating and I hope it gets fixed soon. 


  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Race Steward
    I think the same guy is posting this SC bug every day from different accounts.

    Either that or the game is quite broken?
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  • jjjjgghghjjjjgghgh Member New Car Smell
    I think the same guy is posting this SC bug every day from different accounts.

    Either that or the game is quite broken?
    Haha no I literally just made this account with my psn today because this glitch happened an hour ago to me. However, I have seen some youtubers who have had the same issue so hopefully It does get patched because it is game breaking. 
  • ZanyWabbitZanyWabbit Member New Car Smell
    This issue was on F1 2016 also.. same bug when they carried the software over into F1 2017
  • Highway61Rev1Highway61Rev1 Member New Car Smell

    I  had the same issue two races in a row. I had to maintain minimum pace until I got onto the same lap as the safety car, which I did.  Once I was on the same lap I got the message about falling too far behind the safety car and even when I drove in rich mix as fast as I could there was no way of catching the safety car in time.  I almost got a second penalty but just barely caught the que so thank fully didn't get 4 penalties or a DSQ but it cost me a podium in one race and several positions in another. 

    Xbox One S

    Patch 1.7 (although this happened before on previous patches).

    Career Mode Season 3, Spa and Monza. 


  • antony311077antony311077 Member New Car Smell
    Just happen to me at Singapore was p2 10 laps to go sc came out cos vettel was leading my 13 seconds had no change of catching him guess what got a drive through. With 6 laps to go was p16 finish p11 instead of getting 18pts got no Pts this really needs fixing a.s.p
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