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What can be done to prevent understeer?

What can I change in car setup in order to prevent understeer in slow turns? 

I am driving for Toro Rosso in career and I am suffering badly with understeer, mainly in slow turns, like turn 2 in China, turn 10 in Bahrain and majority of corners in Monaco.

I change my setup based on Codemasters notes in setup screen. I moved ballast to rear (9-10), put less front toe, less front camber and a bit stiff anti roll bar (around 7). The car just get disgusting! Really...

If I choose the "more downforce" preset setup the settings seems to go all the other way from the notes when front stability is considered.

So, I went back to default setting and put more front wing. It is not quite what I would like, but it is the best setup I could set.

I really wanted a very strong front stability. So, what should I do to anchor the front end and prevent understeer?

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  • SauloCirineuSauloCirineu Member Unleaded
    Accepted Answer
    Something that I tested yesterday and helped a lot is off throttle differential lock. I put it around 60% and I could feel the front end much better. I think when differential lock is high it prevents rear to turn smoothly and it keeps the front end in a strait line, giving you some understeer. 
  • MrbundgeeMrbundgee Member New Car Smell
    Accepted Answer
    One very important thing you need to remember is..... the 2017 f1 cars have so much grunt, its all about your entry and exit speeds. If your washing out in slow corners, your entry speed may be to high. the trick in slower corners is to reduce your entry speed and concentrate on getting the car pointing straight out of the exit as soon as you can. a slower entry= a faster exit. sometimes it even means taking a wider but tighter line in slower corners. (think of the line one would take when doing a switchback overtake). also have you're break bias set to about 56% rear.  Nico Rosberg is a good example of what I'm on about. watch the line he takes through turn1 Austin, turn4 hockenheim, turn 6-7 brazil, turn 7 hairpin Yas marina etc. 


  • MrMeeseeksC137MrMeeseeksC137 Member New Car Smell
    Start from a default tune and make your adjustments in increments of 1. Trial and error. Also trail braking helps.  
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