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Clutch Won't Engage At Race Start, Paddles Disabled After Lights Out

Both multiplayer and GP mode, video link attached, you can see that I shift and hold the paddle before lights out, then when the lights go out and I drop the clutch, the cars just sits there and revs.  I can't up shift or downshift after that. If I am in multiplayer mode, the same thing happens except if I pause the game after lights out, and then un pause, I am able to get going because the AI takes over, not the same for GP mode.  This has not always been the case with this game, just under two weeks I think this has been happening.  I tried remapping the clutch to a different button, setting shifting to auto, I have tried verifying the game integrity, checking the wheel drivers, nothing seems to work - I auto download updates soon as updates are available.  I don't use assists and I have been manual starting since it was available so nothing is different on my end that I am aware of.

Thrustmaster TX F1 Rim 
Fanatex CSR Elite Pedals


  • FetalFetal Member Wheel Nut
    mine does this if my H pattern shifter is not in neutral..
  • steviejay69steviejay69 Member Petrol Head
    @[email protected] this is a gimme, please fix it.
    I'm not stupid, I just don't always have all the necessary information,...stupid.
  • Tron4949Tron4949 Member New Car Smell
    edited September 2017
    EDIT: After further testing, including re-downloading 2016, it seems like this is an issue with something other than the game as I am experiencing something similar in 2016 as well.     
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  • mlbc1mlbc1 Member New Car Smell
    Yes having same problems. All my wheel settings reset to default once the lights go out at start of race???
  • potatomaverickpotatomaverick Member New Car Smell
    Was this ever fixed?  I don't see a solution posted here.
  • potatomaverickpotatomaverick Member New Car Smell
    On a hunch I commented out all of the classic clutch and manual transmission section in actionmaps/feral_action_map_preset_win.xml (I'm playing on linux, that is the Feral port equivalent of action_map_preset_win.xml), and that solved the problem with manual starts.  Probably the "Clutch Classic" mapping was confusing the double mapping of clutch release for sequential transmission with the upshift button.

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