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Can't play FUEL

I have a old game FUEL and it won't display properly on my PC
Could it be my NVidia Graphics Card  ?
I use to have a MSI GeForce GTX 970 GAMING 4G and it ran fine on that , but now I have a NVidia 1060 GTX???
All my other heavy 3D Games works fine Star Wars Battlefront, COD series, UT III...run fine (even some of those are old now)
CPU: 3.5Ghz Intel / Vid: NVidia 1060 GTX Video / PSU: 750w Asus / Monitor: iiyama 120Hz( but have tried 60hz)  / O'S : Windows 10 64Bit (fully updated)
When I installed FUEL it asked me to do a update which I did and it still refuses to display properly, I've unistalled it and reinstalled it,, but too no luck :(
Any ideas ????????
Tried a Troubleshoot Compatibility, no luck :(
All the menus, bikes, buggys... show up fine, but the background is just all dark green, and when I try to enter a game, arrows appear showing me the way but again no
graphic background..
I might be able to do a Screen Capture if that would help showing what I see?
Thanks for any help...


  • nuttycomputernuttycomputer Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2017
    All sorted, discovered it was a setting in my NVIDIA Game profiles, I had it set to Star Wars Battlefront with most of the settings set to HIGH.. So created a new profile for Fuel with all the settings set back to normal and everything works fine, no glitches
    And I am happy to report that FUEL works fine with Windows 10 64bit with the latest updates and NVIDIA Drivers !! :p :p :p :p

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