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WE WANT GRID 4! - Main Thread



  • Birddogg66Birddogg66 Member New Car Smell
    Yes I really do love Codemaster's Games and do not have the Elitist mentality I like fun easy to engage racing game with top notch elements and features. Don't get me wrong Codemaster could include more Simulation style features. like unlimited # of race laps., advanced car setup features, Controller support matching that of ISI, Physics to better resemble that of Assetto Corsa or Race 07 along that range, the ability to create custom events with no limitations on vehicle and location matching or varying classes in the race field, due away with locked content except in Career Mode, and proper simulation grade cockpit view camera with working gauges adjustable seat and proper rear view camera. I would yes very much like to see you continue with the Race Driver "Grid" Series. Also and may be worth a voting poll to consider bringing back TRD3 (Toca  Race Driver 3) for rerelease on Steam. I still play it and am able to map my G27/CSP v1/ CSS Sq input controller configuration and I still play it and enjoy it. Still has decent graphics and is possibly the most complete Racing Game Ever.  At $9.95 I think enough copies would sell to justify brining it back and help further support development costs of the series of Race Driver titles. Anyway best wishes and best of luck in the future!
  • CosCos Member New Car Smell
    The present iteration of GAS is very good. Keeping this base and improving AI and graphics would be a good move. Ofc, new cars bigger garage and the ability to gift money(Been playing since release,have a garage full of cars and 118 million siting doing nowt) Whatever you do, don't go the sim route, ends up being a bug fest or a wallet drainer. That's my two pennyworth. Oh! and tracks, some old classics like croft and oschersleben to name a couple.
  • coolieboycoolieboy Member, Drivers Race Engineer
    I've played the first Grid game and it was great then.  Now, with the likes of Project Cars, Need for Speed and Assetto Corsa and in the future with Gran Turismo, Project Cars 2, a new Grid game would just get lost in the mix.  Codemasters should just focus on Dirt and bringing it to consoles and continue to support the F1 series. 
  • CosCos Member New Car Smell
    I hear you coolieboy, however if you played toca on a ps1 all the way to GAS, you know there is a long heritage, and a hell of a lot of touring car enthusiasts. The sims are just tripping over themselves for a share of a market that belongs to rich people with fanatec wheels. Plus you get 3 times as many arses playing racing sims when they should be playing minecraft. One of my friends said GAS was just a stop for AC and PC, i see it the other way round, i'm using AC and PC as a stop gap till GAS2 or whatever. ;) Don't forget voice coms, Codies always do good voice coms, and most of my friends i met chatting in game, not having this feature in AC or PC kind a killed the fun for me.
  • CosCos Member New Car Smell
    Was thinking the other day and one of the most memorable moments in Toca for me was Race driver and using the DTM's.  There was a big line up of cars as well.
  • SRS13Rastus1701SRS13Rastus1701 Member Pit Crew
    TBH I only care that CM will actually finish the game and fix any and all problems before completely abandoning it like they did with GAS.

    By that I mean things like the Upgrades doing NOTHING to this day to actually change the cars performance. We were promised a fix but none came and Loore's last task (before leaving CM) was to inform us all that no further patches or support for GAS would be forthcoming.

    They've done it before.....
    Anyone remember F1 Online the Game? an F1 driving+team management game controlled by mouse. you even had to build different department buildings and research and design each part before you could use it.

    Fans LOVED it in closed and open Beta, many forked out cash for in game purchases, a low fuel bug was reported (do 200 laps in time trrial and the cars got stupidly fast, the more laps the faster the car got). CM promised a fix and then BINNED the whole thing. No one was re-funded for unused in game purchases. It was just dumped.

    The ultimate betrayal of those who were involved in all stages of F1 Online the Game is that 6 months later CM release F1 Online Challenge for sale on iOS, a cut down version of the same game we helped to nurture into being no management or custom cars just F1 team and tracks.

    Grid 1 MP servers killed with NO warning, Twice the forums have been ditched with spurious excuses dumping all the tips help and advice we gathered and passed on to each other. none of this mattered to CM, only their fans, last time this happened was just after Grid 2 was CRUCIFIED by all the Toca and Grid 1 fans for the arcade "Trufeel" handling we had forced on us. I wonder why?

    Only Dirt Rally shows hope.... Given the history though I fail to believe it until I see it finished and they STOP DICKING ABOUT WITH THE HANDLING ALL THE TIME!
    It seems I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe....:D
  • GMach2GMach2 Member New Car Smell
    Never was a car game more fun than Grid!

    Let's all meet in Grid 4/Grid Autosport 2!
  • Sector4Sector4 Member Pit Crew
    A release like Dirt Rally (monthly content updates) would be great. I also hope that the focus will be on real racing on real race tracks. I think the next Grid could be the game that Project Cars tried and failed to be. I'm just going to rattle off some wishes below.

    Laguna Seca
    Mt. Panorama (Bathurst)
    Red Bull Ring
    Buenos Aires
    Brands Hatch
    Oulton Park
    Long Beach
    Road America
    Surfers Paradise
    Port Imperial
    Watkins Glen
    Circuito del Montenero (historic)
    Detroit Street Circuit
    Potrero de los Funes
    Hockenheim (modern and historic)
    Rouen (historic)

    Super Formula
    GP3 and/or Formula 3
    Formula 4

  • BaconTrousersBaconTrousers Member New Car Smell
    As someone that STILL plays the original Grid online 9 years later (as well as every racing game the Codemasters has ever released) I feel I have enough knowledge of this game to comment on what I would like to see in a new iteration of Grid.

    First we DO NOT need 'another' simulation racing game, as there are already plenty out there. However the original drive model of Grid sucked balls and so I would like to see a driving model like Forza Horizons 2, as that is a good compromise between sim and arcade. I would also like to see a return of Destruction Derby BUT they need to leave DD 'exactly' how it is in the first one (but update the graphics and add a few more tracks/cars)  Also please DO NOT remove or change the radar so you cannot 'track' cars when you are going backwards as racers AND wreckers make this game mode.

    Obviously I would like to see updated graphics, more tracks and cars but I would also like to see more comprehensive online lobby options.

    Posted by a 10 year Xbox live subscriber 'SqueakyBumhole'

  • TelepathicCowTelepathicCow Member New Car Smell
    I'd rather have TOCA Race Driver 4 myself!
  • smcinnessmcinnes Member New Car Smell
    If they make another one, then the endurance racing needs to be done right. The endurance category in Grid Autosport was fun, but all of the races were night races and were actually pretty short. Would love to see some daytime endurance racing as well along with proper endurance racing (6 hours, 12 hours etc.) and a return of Le Mans 24H is a must! This would only really work if you could change driver and have the AI take over when you needed a rest and have the ability to simulate the AI driver's shift so that you can get back into the action quicker.
  • pulcopulco Member New Car Smell
    Hello Codemasters,

    Now that Dirt Rally was released on both consoles, your developers must work as a result of Grid Autosport.
    Grid 2 was too much arcade and I have not found the magic Race Driver Ryan in Grid Autosport.
    I hope that you are aware that we expect a game closer to the simulation of the arcade as you did for Dirt Rally and F1 2015 which AI is the best of the series.

    In short, my dream is that you make a game like Toca 2 Touring Cars. Well Yes, it's old stuff, 1998, 18 years ago. Many young players were not even born. Well guys, this game was fabulous. The same level as Race Driver Grid but more in mind BTCC or WTCC.
    Go to work and do not hesitate to make an inquiry to guide development.
    Last important thing. Need to communicate more with us. For example, at this moment, you say nothing. It is not known what you are working on. Please is it you please. We want to be aware.

  • MetaKMetaK Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2016
    I'm sure its not hard to bring GRID for next-gen consoles and PC. This was done with DiRT Rally so I don't see why they can't bring GRID for the PS4 and Xbox One, not just PC as long as its optimized. And interiors aren't a difficult task to do for many cars. And if they do, I'd like to see the following DLCs for the upcoming GRID, if Codemasters feel like doing so:

    90's Pack:
    -Jaguar XJ220
    -Nissan R390 GT1 (Road and Race versions)
    -Toyota Supra (stock version)
    -Subaru Impreza WRX STi
    -Honda Civic (sixth gen)
    -Chevrolet Corvette C4
    -Pagani Zonda
    -Koenigsegg CC
    -TVR Griffith 500
    -Toyota GT-One
    -Vector M12

    GRID Legends Pack:
    -Le Mans
    -Yokohama Docks
    -Nürburgring GP-Streckenlayout
    -Chevrolet Lacetti WTCC
    -Saleen S7-R
    -Toyota Supra (modified version)
    -Chevrolet Camaro Mk. II
    -Lamborghini Murciélago R-GT

    New tracks that should be featured for the new GRID game:
    -Los Angeles (Downtown and Greater Hollywood)
    -Autodromo José Carlos Pace
    -Shanghai (Songjian, Fengxian, Jinshan and International Circuit)
    -Sochi Autodrom
    -Moscow Raceway
    -New York City
    -Puerto Rico (Old San Juan)
    -Daytona Speedway (Oval and GP)
    -Suzuka Circuit
    -Circuit de Catalunya
    -Road Atlanta
    -Fuji Speedway

    As for the rest? Well, that's up for the main game. That is, if Codemasters can create it.
  • RubyRubyRubyRuby Member Wheel Nut
    I agree with OP's enthusiasm for a GRID sequel, in spite of disagreeing with many/most of his points.  When GRID was released it had plenty of problems and plenty of people who didn't like it.  Some didn't like the car handling or the physics, there weren't enough Touring Cars for some, many didn't like the graphics (especially the post processing), a bunch more hated the monetization, some thought the team mate feature was silly, many wanted car upgrades and tuning, some wanted a lot more customization, many wanted no fictional tracks, some wanted more DLC, some wanted none . . .

    Some loved all those things.  Point being there never was a perfect racing game, sim or arcade, but this particular imperfect immersive arcade racing game hit the sweet spot for many of us GRID fans.  I still love GRID and play it when I can.  It's been on whatever HDD I'm using since the summer of 2008.  I have a bunch of racing games I don't play, GRID is the one I continue to play, always in the career game, always with a keyboard.  Still without the promised DLC that the consoles got but never showed up for PC.

    We waited five years for a sequel.  Then we got something that never should have worn the GRID name: GRIDsupposed2.  Some people actually like GRID2, but it's nowhere near the quality and combination of features that GRID has - except for graphics.  But trying to make everyone happy Codies just disappointed a lot of that long term GRID fan base.  And they should have named it something else.  I haven't played GAS although I own it.  It seems to be tainted by G2.  That's not fair, but that's the way it is.

    I think a true sequel to GRID, basically an updated remake with a few more cars and tracks would be great.  No tuning, no . . . etc.  But it ain't gonna happen.  Too many people would be turned off by the post processing, . . . etc, etc.  So if Codies do make another GRID, it won't be that GRID.  It'll be something else wearing the T-shirt.  I've got three GRID DVDs, I'm keeping all of them and
    they'll never be on Steam.

  • SRS13Rastus1701SRS13Rastus1701 Member Pit Crew
    edited May 2016
    RubyRuby said:
    Still without the promised DLC that the consoles got but never showed up for PC.
    Hey Frank long time no see, the DLC's DIID actually arrive on PC but unofficially, if memory serves me correctly when Grid 1 went out on MAC it had all the DLC files, someone tried to copy and paste them into a windows copy of the game and it worked. Bathurst in the Vovlo C30 STCC......

    I think I still have the mods somewhere.......
    It seems I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe....:D
  • RubyRubyRubyRuby Member Wheel Nut
    Okay, I'm convinced.  I really need to spend more time in the single player outside the career.  Thanks Rastus.
  • CapitalJJCapitalJJ Member New Car Smell
    RubyRuby said: I haven't played GAS although I own it.  It seems to be tainted by G2.  That's not fair, but that's the way it is.
    I played Grid 1 on my PC, and it was the best racing game I ever played, although I haven't played many. I was never a huge racing game fan, until I bought Grid on PC back in the day. I played it until my hard drive failed from from overheating. I don't really have a good gaming computer, so I stick to console. I have Xbox 360 and Xbox one now. Before I got an Xbox one, I was looking to buy another racing game, and I looked at every racing game on the 360, Forza Horizon 1 and 2, Forza 4, etc... I didn't even think about getting Grid 2 because of the bad reviews, especially from Grid 1 fans. Then I found Autosport, which was supposedly closer to the original Grid. I bought about a year after it's release, so the online community on the 360 was pretty much empty, but I love the game. The only thing I didn't like about it at first was the aggressive A.I. and the penalty for going over white lines because half the time it was an A.I. driver who knocked me off the track. Once I learned how to play, it was a lot more fun, and I love the aggressive A.I now, it makes it more challenging. I haven't played many racers, but this game is definitely the most challenging racer I've ever played. I feel like the game is a perfect mix of sim and arcade. The driving mechanics don't feel too arcadey to me, but it's not a sim either, so it's a perfect game for me. I haven't bought a "next-gen" racing game on the Xbox one yet. I tried the Forza 6 demo, and it's good, but I actually prefer Autosport, but that could just be that I'm used to it. I got Grid 2 for free with Xbox live Games with Gold, I actually still had fun playing it, but it just doesn't compare to GRID and GRID Autosport. Drifting around corners is fun for a little bit, but it gets old, and it just feels too arcadey and fake, and I think GAS requires more skill and is a lot more challenging. I would recommend GAS to any GRID 1 fans. 
  • RubyRubyRubyRuby Member Wheel Nut
    That's encouraging.  I may have to give GAS a try yet, though Codies seem to have dropped support already.  At least once dev support ends you know that what you've got is it.  Unless one of those clever folks comes along and adds/improves stuff on the side.
  • Oscar97Oscar97 Member Wheel Nut
    I think the next game needs more content. The handling is pretty good in AS, but content feels lacking because you can only choose between ~3 cars per class. IMO the career mode shouldn't work like it does now. There should be 4 race types: standard, lap racing; endurance racing; time attack and drift.

    There should be various championships for every race type. For example, the "standard racing" race type should have quite a few touring cars championships, as well as "street" championships, open wheel championships or even GT championships. Also it would be pretty nice to have street tracks for every car type, not only stock cars (and race tracks for those as well). Championships should only feature one car "tier", so no AS-like championships that start with a few hot hatch races then end up with coupé races. You should keep the same car from the beginning to the end of the championship. Maybe cars shouldn't only be classed in small classes but also have some kind of performance group, even though that would only be used for some "street" races, endurance races and time attacks.
  • CobraGamerCobraGamer Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2016
    Still playing the GRID2 campaign, not a big fan of GRID Autosport due to drifty simcade handling like NFS Shift games. In my opinion, that handling could have been exactly like the GRID1 handling was, if CM wanted that game to be more into simulation (simcade). So I still play GRID2 because I like that handling much more, yes it's fully arcade but it feels so good with Force Feedback (playing with steering wheel). The more I play GRID2, the more I want to play a new GRID game. So here is a list of things that are important to be in the next GRID game!

    - OWN TEAM: we all liked that we could create our own team in GRID1, so this main feature is a must and has to be in the next GRID game, with gaining money to create the team, creating liveries, sponsors, getting a second car and choosing a new team mate.
    - ATMOSPHERE: it has to be like GRID1 or 2, more cutscenes than GRID Autosport, no real life-filmed scenes like in GRID2 (didn't like it much)
    - RACING SERIES: maybe like in GRID2, divided into America (street races, drag races, sprint races), Europe (GT races on racetracks, street races) and Asia (drift events like Yokohama or Battersea, night Touge)
    - CUSTOMISATION: buying cars for every race series like GRID1 with customisation (optical tuning, performance tuning)
    - CARS: more modern cars, more European (new Audi R8, new TT RS, BMW 235i, BMW M3, BMW M4, some Mercedes) more muscle cars (new Mustang, new Corvette C7, new Camaro) and more JDM (Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Mazda, Mitsubishi)
    - TRACKS: tracks from GRID2 for American events (Chicago, San Francisco, ...) and  European events (Paris, Cote d'Azur, ...) but also some new GP tracks (Nürburgring, Silverstone, Barcelona, ...) and some Touge tracks that are really hard!

    If these things are all in the next GRID game, it will be a very successfull game!

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