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WE WANT GRID 4! - Main Thread



  • CosCos Member New Car Smell
    Yes McRoss. The chat ingame was the real making of the game. The fact it continued the codey tradition with awesome graphics and game play, it enabled fans who loved the game to form clubs and challenge each other. We have a massive community world wide that probably never would have met were it not for the chat. I can't put into words the love and respect from hundreds of friends, some didn't make it this far, some very poorly, but the community and there friends make a difference.

  • MidnytMidnyt Member New Car Smell
    Im a fan of Grid, and have played all 3. For Grid 4,,make it extra special. Make it different, from the others, and yes, have the tracks etc, improved, but, why not have it, so we can  build the car, engine, body n interior, then test it, and when its done, then race it? Designing the engine, and the body, would add a big boost to the game, and make it a lot more exciting and challenging. 
  • RubyRubyRubyRuby Member Unleaded
    As a single/career player and GRID fan since 2008 a big part of GRID's appeal is its simplicity.  Most of the suggested "improvements" I read about do not appeal to me at all.  Add a few new tracks and cars, update the graphics, and GRID Legends is done.

    Of course if Codies actually did that they would get dinged by the critics for putting out the same old or being cheap or lazy or whatever.  Screw the critics.
  • MDTTiaguiNhoMDTTiaguiNho Member New Car Smell
    I can´t wait for a sequel to GRID. I didn´t buy GRID 2 because of no interior cams in the cars. Then, on march 2014, I thought on switching from the competitive community of Gran Turismo to GRID one, but I finally stayed competing in GT6. Now that I have more time I would like to take seriously both GRID and GT sagas, and that´s why I want a new GRID for the new generation of consoles.
  • versediversedi Member Champion
    This might interest you.

    New racing IP... hmmm...

    We have 4 incredible job opportunities at the #Codemasters studio in Cheshire working on an exciting new racing IP: https://t.co/VXnzyk8yfz pic.twitter.com/ASfLV0GhC2

    — Paul Rustchynsky (@Rushy33) ;August 3, 2017
  • Shevchenko67rusShevchenko67rus Member New Car Smell
    GRID 4? I hope if there will be the next part in the grid series, I would like to have the restart of the first part. Something like this - GRID:remastered
  • Ak1504Ak1504 Member New Car Smell
    I can´t wait for a new GRID game too. I really want a new track racer with all the wheel, ffb and physics improvements they made since DiRT Rally. 
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  • ShakesShakes Member New Car Smell
    Forget Grid, bring back Toca!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • MiatakiasGRMiatakiasGR Member Pit Crew
                    Forget Grid , Toca!  Forza is here!
  • SRS13Rastus1701SRS13Rastus1701 Member Pit Crew
    edited September 20
    Given that it appears CM's old titles are played by more people on PC vs their newer games..... (http://steamcharts.com/search/?q=Dirt  http://steamcharts.com/search/?q=grid)
    All thanks to no actual progression for the last few iterations, Grid 4, in fact all future CM games will be ignored (by me anyway) because they'll have to go a HELL of a long way to beat this...

    CM lost their way after Dirt 3, Many say D3 was when they lost it. Dirt Rally was an anomaly and was made for PC from day 1 THEN ported to console not the other way round like D4... See you all in FM7 or PCars 2 :P
    It seems I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe....:D
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