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F1 2017 multiplayer keeps disconnecting - PS4

I have not been able to play a single online F1 race in this game, as I always get the message "Session no longer exists" after 2 or 3 laps max. I have noticed this after the update which had to reset all online progress for the players. Not sure what happened, but I keep getting the message "Session no longer exists" and I have checked and found the session still going, it is just me who got disconnected.
I have verified my internet connection at home, and everything is fine. I am able to play other games online without any problem. There is a major issue in multiplayer which needs to be fixed. I buy the game for the online racing mainly.
In F1 2016 I used to lose connection too, but it didn't kick me out, all of a sudden all other players turn to AI, and there is a red x on top of them, so I used to quit the session myself. However, that used to happen once in a while, which was acceptable, but in F1 2017 I am getting disconnected in EVERY session! Unbelieveable.


  • Hasan12308Hasan12308 Member New Car Smell
    Anybody had this issue? or know how to fix it? Any help is appreciated
  • Hasan12308Hasan12308 Member New Car Smell
    @F1Support please i beg you. I need ur help. I preordered the game like i do every year because i play online. Its the only mode i play and this year it is not working. I join a session and the most that i get is 2 laps after which im kicked out of the session “session no longer exists” every time. This never happened to me in 2016 or 2015 and i only play the game for 10 min during which i get disconnected from every online race so i switch to Fifa or any other game. 
    This is frustrating as if i have thrown away $60 down the drain. Is there anything i can do? Please i need an answer or a solution. Dont leave me hanging in despair

  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    Hi @Hasan12308, sorry for the delay in responding. Do you have a wireless or wired internet connection? Are you able to upload a video of the issue so we can see exactly what's going on please? 
  • Hasan12308Hasan12308 Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2017
    Thank you @CMRachel for the reply! A glimpse of hope at last! :)
    I have a wireless connection and my router is only 2 meters away from the PS4. I can capture a video for you but how can i share it here?
    It's really simple, the video will be of me racing, and then all of a sudden I get a black box with a message "the session no longer exists" and I am sent back to the multiplayer menu.
    Also, when I am playing the events, while I am doing my laps, I get a message at the bottom of the screen saying I lost connection to the Playstation network. However, it does record my time later. I assure I am connected, my wireless connection never breaks. I play online with call of duty, FIFA, and I never lose connection. I have changed my router, called my ISP, and there is nothing abnormal.
    I also asked my friends who I play F1 with, they are all saying the same, everyone is complaining of online disconnection
  • Hasan12308Hasan12308 Member New Car Smell
    @CmRachel ; any luck? Please let me know if you need the video and how I can share it here
  • LoMaDoBlLoMaDoBl Member New Car Smell
    i have a similar problem on pc and it tells me my networkcable would not be connected same with 2016 multiplayer too and i thought this would be better in 2017... i payed so much money for this game and now i cant play the key aspect and dont even get the slightest bit of help..
  • Hasan12308Hasan12308 Member New Car Smell
    @F1Support @CMRachel I tried using wired cable instead of Wifi, and same problem.
    I keep getting disconnected from session at different times. Sometimes in the first lap, sometimes during qualifying lap, and sometimes last lap of the race.
    I noticed that in the races I get disconnected, I always get that message about the bandwidth before the race sessions loads. Something about voice chat being enabled only for close players for bandwidths sake.
    But this is extremely frustrating. Please we need a fix for this ASAP or I will throw the game away as its useless for me without online play
  • timbleytimbley Member New Car Smell
    Similar issue: i dc even before I get to race. The game is showing me a black error box telling "Lost connection to Playstation Network". This happens every online session. I've got these issues ever since the patch 1.10 and as I'm doing league racing that really sucks. Pls help me out
  • hangar1851hangar1851 Member New Car Smell
    I have the same issue too.  within 10 minutes of playing, with a wired connection that has no issues with anything else.  I have the latest patch and everything.  Are you going to try to fix it, or are we just getting broken games all the time?
  • Hasan12308Hasan12308 Member New Car Smell
    It seems there are many cases like mine. F1 2017 is doing something different that causes us to disconnect for no reason. I've tried reaching codemasters through facebook and through the forum, and no one is helping.
    Can you tell us how you coded the game, what checks it is doing during a game to finally decide that we are disconnected from Playstation network while in fact we are not?
    We can't play online. We buy the game to play online. I don't play career, or anything else
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