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F1 2017 replacing a motor, when I should change the parts?

Ferra32Ferra32 Member New Car Smell

Hey people, I play F1 2017 on the Ps4 and made currently 6-7 races in a career (the last was Monaco). Now to the topic: my engine has exploited that already parts 65-75% are and I don't know whether that's enough for a race weekend. When is the best time to replace the parts? I have 4 items for the season for each, and then should fit in the end already, i guess. thank you much for your help


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  • ruthlessrellikruthlessrellik Member New Car Smell
    Accepted Answer
    You wouldn't be able to do the whole weekend or race with that much wear, but you can use them in practice to get the most out of each part. Don't forget to swap them back to new parts for Qualifying. 
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