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F1 2017 replacing a motor, when I should change the parts?

Ferra32Ferra32 Member New Car Smell

Hey people, I play F1 2017 on the Ps4 and made currently 6-7 races in a career (the last was Monaco). Now to the topic: my engine has exploited that already parts 65-75% are and I don't know whether that's enough for a race weekend. When is the best time to replace the parts? I have 4 items for the season for each, and then should fit in the end already, i guess. thank you much for your help



  • ChironTheseusChironTheseus Member Co-Driver
    I replace at the orange mark, 75%+ I only use 70%+ in practices as there are 3 to partake in the programmes so no real concern to break parts. And I have yet to have a serious failure at 75% usually just reduced performance. There is no penalty for switching back and forth from parts you already have available.
    Also using the better parts for the more powerful and demanding tracks during quali and race.
    Carystus PS4 Pro
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