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Will you fix the dirt rally issue with the g29 allready

This is typical of you game developers put a game out and support it until you release the next best thing dirt 4 was total garbage compared with dirt rally how can you go from such a nice game too such arcadey crap,I'll never know but what I do know is this is the last game I buy from you guys the support for dirt in its early release was amazing now you feel its past its sell by date you bugger off to go make crap like dirt 4 and after doing such a nice job of dirt rally too.Please fix this because if yah dont even if you bring out dirt rally 2 and it has great reviews I wont purchase it because of the conduct with dirt rally 1 infact if this game isnt fixed I wont purchase another title from you and I will steer clear my racing leagues also.Just provide us with the support for the crap you sold us you wont have gamers like me in yar forums kicking up a storm because you wont support or answer his questions you guys need sacked.
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