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SC issue - AI overtaking me under SC

So this error is happening close to every race.

I play with ALL help and lowest difficulty.

I am leading the race with 30-60 sec. to no. 2 AI and then something happens and SC is deployed.
I get the message to "catch up with SC and not exceed delta speed"
I then at some point catch the SC and I am not able to "close the final gap" so the message "catch the SC" keeps displaying.
When AI reach me they start to one by one drive up on my side and then fall back
After this I get a warning "hand the position back" - if I don't I get a time penalty.
Now this repeats for every AI left in the race untill I have been overtaken down intil last position in the race
Then I have max 2-3 laps of the race left when the SC drives into the pits to get back to 1st position.

This is really starting to get annoying every race to deal with.
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