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DIRT 4 seems to be taking "arrow up" as input constantly

In the DIRT4 menu system on my PC, it seems as if DIRT 4 is beeing givn "arrow up" all the time, thus running through all menu options constantly, making it very hard for me to select the right menu option. I have tried to disconnect both keyboard, mouse and steering wheel with no effect, so the input is provided by something else. Any ideas on what might be wrong?


  • madwakmadwak Member Wheel Nut
    I get this when I rest my foot on one of the pedals...........
  • HåkonLHåkonL Member New Car Smell
    Thanks,I found a solution though. For some reason Windows had added some extra peripherals under HID (Human interface devices under Settings-> Devices in Windows). I removed the ones I didn't recognize, including my steering wheel and pedals. I also physcially removed and plugged back my steering wheel, Windows recognized it and I was back on track
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