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T150 Calibration for Dirt Rally on PS4

new wheel owner and wanted input for calibration settings for this. Any input on force feedback would be helpful as well

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  • danielofifidanielofifi Member Unleaded
    Here are my settings for t150 mate. For me it feels just right:

    Steering deadzone 0
    Steering saturation 100
    Linearity 0
    Throttle deadzone 0
    T. saturation 100
    Brake deadzone 0
    B. saturation 100
    Clutch deadzone 10
    C. saturation 80

    Force feedback:
    Self aligning torque 125
    Wheel friction 0
    Tyre friction 100
    Suspension 100
    Tyre slip 100
    Engine 100
    Collision 125
    Soft lock 150
    Steering center force 100
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