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[PC] Fast Lane Friday's! - Weekly Racing Community Event for Newbies & Pro's Alike!

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Fast Lane Friday’s!

What is Fast Lane Friday’s?

Fast Lane Fridays is a Formula 1 Junkies community event containing 5 races in a mini championship style event. We will use the Online Championship system in F1 2017 to allow drivers to accumulate points over the duration of the evening.

The Formula 1 Junkies community now has over 150 members on their discord and an official racing league containing some incredible drivers! I am organising a new event in the community which welcomes new and experienced drivers to come together and have a fun night of racing!

When & Where?

This playlist will begin at 8.30pm CEST (14.30 EST) every Friday. You will need to be in the “Fast Lane Friday’s Lobby” channel in discord by 8.20pm to guarantee your spot in the first race.

You can join and leave whenever you please. Joining race 1 does not mean you are committed to racing the whole evening. If you are unable to join until race 3 then you will be invited for race 3.

Track Selection

The track selection will be announced in the discord before the lobby starts each week. The tracks will be randomized by track location, weather & car type (modern/classic). Short versions of tracks may also be included in this playlist on occasion.

Race Settings

Most assists will be enabled. Full race details can be found in the rules section below.

Qualifying Mode - One Shot Qualifying

Race Distance - 25%

Weather - At Host’s Discretion

Vehicle Damage - Full

Corner Cutting Stringency - Strict

Collisions - On

Safety Car - Off

Rules & Flags - On

Parc Ferme Rules - On

Formation Lap - Off


The #1 rule of Fast Lane Fridays is to have fun! Remember that races aren’t won in the first corner so take care on the first couple of laps to ensure that you race CAREFULLY!


(If you do not have a mic don’t worry, just ensure that you can hear.)

Assist Settings

Braking Assist - Off

ABS - On

Traction Control - Medium

Dynamic Racing Line - Full

Gearbox - Automatic

Race Starts - Manual

Pit Assist - Off

Pit Release Assist - Off


  • The pre lobby will go up at around 8.20pm CEST and all those who are in the discord will be invited to the session.

  • The first race will begin at 8.30pm so if you are a little bit late then you’ll have to wait for the race to end to receive an invite.

  • If the lobby reaches its full capacity of 20 players then you will have to wait for a spot to free up before you can join.

The Race

  • During the race please keep the talking relevant to the race. For those of you who like to race in silence you are welcome to mute discord during the race to help you concentrate.

  • If you make contact with another driver please apologise immediately as most of the time this will be accidental. If you gain a position unfairly by taking somebody out then you must slow down off the racing line, wait for them to recover and give the position back to them.

  • If anybody is repeatedly being too aggressive and driving recklessly they may be kicked from the session after warning.

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