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Action Camera in replays

codexascodexas Member New Car Smell
The Codemasters F1 series never had an "Action" camera in replays. Only trackside.

The view is always of a single car during replays. Why would I want to watch a single car for 50 laps if I'm spectating?

Other F1 games (even going as far back as F1GP by Microprose (1993) had an Action camera.

During a replay the view would switch automatically to interesting action during the race. 90% trackside cam but switching between cars automatically, Someone overtaking; it cut to an onboard of that driver, someone kicks up some grass; it cut to a nosecam shot of that car, onboard someones rearwing view if they had a guy closing up on slipstream, etc. Watching replays felt like watching an actual GP, instead of 50 laps watching a single car go round and round. It was dynamic, instead of static.

Perhaps thats something Codemasters could do aswell.

PS: And while we're there why not trackside camera option during driving? Other games have it. And there's nothing like doing donuts around Monaco and admiring the 3D model of the cars when in live trackside view as you are driving.
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  • codexascodexas Member New Car Smell
    Guess we all just love to sit on the couch and watch 1 car go round and round in race replays.
  • Racer4711Racer4711 Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    F1 2017 has a really good replay system in terms of the quality and different trackside camera positions IMHO, but you are right, there is room for improvement.

    I also would like to see this action or director camera, switching automatically to interessting battles or important situations within the replay of a race.
    Definite would increase the immersion.

    Further more i would like to see in replays the overlay with actual positions (introduced with the HUD spectator view now) and a button to fast foward lapwise.

    THIS would be a complete and satisfying experience...

  • codexascodexas Member New Car Smell
    Yeah. Incredible how the F1 series still has exactly the same replay system from 2010, with the only difference being that you can (shock) look at other cars now!

    The best replay system was F1GP series by Microprose. Heck you could start a race, park the car and just watch the Action Camera. 

    Maybe its something to do with how Codemasters programs their EGO engine. Try some burnouts, warm the tires, sliding the car, then view that in replay and you'll see the car unrealistically shimmying around the track. The car moving wildly out of sync with the contact patches. It's like the car behavioural animations are baked in and not simulated like in rFactor or iRacing, maybe that has something to do with it (the fact that all trackside cameras show your view ads to the suspicion that nothing is actually simulated but all "events" that happen outside your current view are scripted.)

    In other F1 games the AI actually run the race, all AI drivers have varying skills in cornering, braking, car avoidance, tire slip modelling, etc. Accidents happen dynamically in real time. Here they are scripted, thats why sometimes you get a call saying your teammate is in the pits when he is actually out of the race.
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