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The Sports Update patch - 1.8 for consoles, 1.9 for PC - Discussion Thread - UPDATED 13/10



  • RegmaesterRegmaester Member Wheel Nut
    edited October 2017
    There’s been updates on the cars, but various changes are missing. 

    For example, they updated the Mercedes nose, but not the new T-wings of Williams and Force India. 

    In my point of view, it’s rushed and missing lots of stuff. Livery wise.  
  • DenniGER86DenniGER86 Member New Car Smell
    I am disappointed as a big vettel fan....
  • okinawa1993okinawa1993 Member New Car Smell
    The McLaren has t-wing with the update??
    BTW: What's wrong with medium traction control setting? It works fine for me. Don't fix things that aren't broken, please! Plenty of other issues to deal with. Particularly the team-mate not getting the power upgrades at McLaren (and for all I know, other teams too).
  • DiscoDaveDiscoDave Member Pit Crew
    edited October 2017

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  • LeoCardosoLeoCardoso Member Wheel Nut
    FRACTURED said:
    And.. Why you change the medium traction control performance???
    Because they felt there was an issue with Medium Traction Control performance?

    I wanna know!
  • RegmaesterRegmaester Member Wheel Nut
    The McLaren has t-wing with the update??
  • LeoCardosoLeoCardoso Member Wheel Nut
    jayp666 said:
    Rebalanced medium traction control performance.

    Thank you CM, welcome change :)
    Whats was the problem??
  • ffigueirffigueir Member Wheel Nut
    I dont care about gloves color, I do care about gameplay flow , bugs, car performance, AI
  • MaxsirmanMaxsirman Member New Car Smell
    The McLaren has t-wing with the update??
    Mclaren has no longer a T Wing on medium Load circuits, only in High downforce ones,  so given this average, it is acuarate that the MCL32 does not have a T Wing (And as far as i know, this are silverstone cars)
  • SgtKubicaSgtKubica Member Wheel Nut
    What on earth do you mean by balanced medium traction control...
  • DenniGER86DenniGER86 Member New Car Smell
    ffigueir said:
    I dont care about gloves color, I do care about gameplay flow , bugs, car performance, AI
    then you can also play grand prix 2 on pc! such a silly talk....
  • BDavid19BDavid19 Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2017
    I think something definitely wrong here.. The Mclaren still last, the Engine is still very weak, the chasse and aero need to be way more powerful az well.. Is there a difference at all?
     Currenty, I don't think so
  • MaxsirmanMaxsirman Member New Car Smell
    Alonso on Suzuka

    This is another proof of how good this car really is..... Mclaren has a Sleeping Cheetah here.... just hope this is confirmed next year with Renault engine
  • ALpar97ALpar97 Member New Car Smell
    Please Codemaster enable in multiplayer mode to choose real drivers and play as them with their helmets , gloves etc ... like in F1 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • quadrospeedxquadrospeedx Member New Car Smell
    The AI is still too slow in some races as opposed to others. I hoped this would have been fixed by now. I thought it would be the easiest thing to make the AI speed consistent across all dry tracks, and a coding nightmare to make them slow on some and quicker on others, but apparently not.
  • bassserbassser Member Wheel Nut
    Just disappointed... the livery fixes don't apply for the own player, so no own short name on the car. Would've been possible with the engine youre working with. And the worst Safety Car bug, which gave players unfair penalties, is also not fixed according to the changelog. I stopped my career for 3 weeks now after this bug destroyed the game. As this was the last patch, theres no chance to gte this fixes. Seriously, I want back my money. I definetly wont spend 60€ on the 2018 part -.-
    F1 2017 Beta Tester | League Racer | Thrustmaster T500 RS | PC | F1 Gaming since F1 97
  • kentalikentali Member New Car Smell
    Really dissapointed if the only teams ,which performance was changed are Williams and Force India.Renault and Mclaren really needed an upgrade and maybe even Red Bull, such a shame ,was so eager to start my new CM with Renault or Mclaren.
  • Luke1991Luke1991 Member Pit Crew
    Looking forward to trying photo mode on Xbox One.
  • LakuFinBoyLakuFinBoy Member New Car Smell
    Where is Vettel's black gloves and Sainz's new helmet (Since Barcelona race)?!
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