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v1.9 McLaren steering wheel - S.Vandoorne different - By design or "bug"?

version: 1.9
Platform: PC
Modes: All event types
Track: Only tested Australia

I have noticed that the LED shift lights for the two McLaren's when I play them in Grand Prix mode are different and behave differently.  (see pictures and descriptions) and was wondering if this is a "Bug" (something that got missed) or by design.

Alonso - Original LED's - No Green, Red lights one at a time, All blue lights appear at once, New Gloves

Vandoorne - New LED's all lights appear one at a time (also has green lights), New Gloves (I can confirm that Vandoorne did not have this style before v1.9)

Playing as me (Multiplayer, Time Trial, Career) - Original LED's, Original Gloves. (It is the same whether I pick to play as Alonso or Vandoorne)

I only ask because I would love to race with Vandoorne's LED setup. (I would just like to point out that I am not upset about this, just asking a question because this was a BIG update and little things can get missed :) ).

Thank you.

P.s. I tested the two Ferrari's and the only difference between them seems to be the gloves (see pictures)


Raikkonen - Look at the white patch on the black part of the glove where he is gripping the wheel.

As me in other modes than Grand Prix


  • JuanFerreira93JuanFerreira93 Member New Car Smell
    I think that the green part of the led is activate when you can use DRS, maybe in the photo Vandoorne wasn't enable to use DRS
  • RaalteRaalte Member Race Steward
    I think that the green part of the led is activate when you can use DRS, maybe in the photo Vandoorne wasn't enable to use DRS

    He says they turn on one by one, including the green leds.

    Does the DRS light works the same in Vandoorne's car? 
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  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
    Neither Alonso or S.Vandoorne have DRS lights on the LED's.

    Vandoorne's Green Lights are linked to the RPM, Alonso does not have any Green Lights at any point.

    Both the Ferrari's have the first two Green Lights for DRS as shown.

    All the images were taken during Australia Practice near the same point just before the start/finish line, all had DRS activated.

    Kindest Regards,
  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
    ..., all had DRS activated.
    Hmm, are you sure? For me it seems quite evident from the pics you provide, that DRS is not activated - when I look at the rear view mirrors...? - or is this a further bug?
  • cheekymunkey78cheekymunkey78 Member Unleaded
    edited October 2017
    Your right, my mistake  :)

    DRS was NOT activated but I was in the DRS zone on the main straight in Australia for all of the pictures.  Here are two more from McLaren (with DRS activated), the DRS indicator is the last Blue light on both cars.



    Kindest Regards,

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