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[PC] MP BUG: Tyre wear persisting over multiple race restarts

JibbedJibbed Member New Car Smell
Hi, first time reporting but this bug has pretty much broken the multiplayer experience for me and a friend.

We're running a multiplayer championship and as there's no way to restart a race, we quit to the main menu to have a second go if the race start is a complete mess. Unfortunately it seems that any tyre wear incurred in this first attempt (and any multiple attempts after) carries through to the new race start. Eg. I had 47% tyre wear on the rears for our 5th attempt at a race start - this meant Jeff was asking me to change strategy on lap 1.

I was quitting to desktop between attempts, whereas my friend (host) was just quitting to the main menu - I assume this is why some effects persisted(?), still odd though. And gamebreaking! 

Other than that, loving the game so far and we're itching to get back out there. Cheers. 


  • xNismoxNismo Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2017
    Ye happened on XBOX to me and my friends too, you have to do 2 pits instead of 1 if you do 25%, and i hope they put simulation damage on AI too, it's quite frustrating that even the slightest touch it's enough to ruin your race and they walk away with nothing.
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  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    Hi @Jibbed, we already know about this issue :) 
  • JibbedJibbed Member New Car Smell
    CmRachel said:
    Hi @Jibbed, we already know about this issue :) 
    Great, looking forward to seeing that sorted. Our short-term solution was a double DNF! 
    Do you know if it'll make it into the next patch? Reluctant to try another race.
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