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1.9 AI strategy changes under SC/VSC

In latest 1.9 there were several updates to AI behaviour. One of them is about pitting while SC/VSC in out on track. After my first career race with 1.9 version, AI seems to pit very likely choosing worse strategy. On this race there were both SC and VSC, under SC 3/4 of field pitted on lap 4 changing their strategy to 3 stops when 2 stops strategy was possible to make to end of race. After many laps, under VSC when 9 laps to go, about half of AI pitted again for fresh tyres. That was a huge waste of time for them and by that, now its even easier to get good result in race in wnich SC or VSC was on track.
The conclusion: Its good that AI decides to pit under SC, but meanwhile they have to choose best strategy for them rather than pit BECAUSE there is SC and that can be an opportunity to gain positions, in reality they lose even more


  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    edited October 2017
    Hi @MarcinRyba

    which weekend/track was this?
    what was the race length?
    did the weather change at any point during the race?
    did the AI have any penalties/incidents for falling too far back?

    Thanks :)
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  • MarcinRybaMarcinRyba Member Unleaded
    @CmRachel Hi, I guess my report wasn't complete
    It was Bahrain GP, 50%, all clear no rain, no penaltys
  • jayp666jayp666 Member Wheel Nut
    No worries, Bugmasters will fix it.

    Body short is too characters 5.
  • echo321echo321 Member Wheel Nut
    Can confirm this.
    50% race, Intermediat conditions all race, Italy GP. SC came out in lap 12, all the AI that were on a 1-stop at that point came into the pits, but all changed their strategy to a 2 stopp, pitting again at lap 19 and 20. That got me a podium finish in the Sauber...
  • Norman99Norman99 Member New Car Smell
    I can also confirm an issue. PS4, 50%, Spanish GP with sunny weather.

    There was an incident on lap 4, I pitted from 16th and was glad to see almost the entire field pit too. Only when I came out, I received the warning about being to far behind the safety car, and got a drive through penalty before catching up. I paused to look at the race director and all 19 remaining cars also received one, even the couple that didn't pit. On the restart, every AI took their drive through, so I followed, thinking at least the race will be fair. Turns out I received 3 drive through penalties so it wasn't fair at all. I ended up aborting the session and I'll try it again shortly, so I don't know how strategies would have panned out.

    Seems like a lot of work is still needed to make safety cars playable and fair.
  • HyperactiveDJ91HyperactiveDJ91 Member Pit Crew
    Reading all this i've decided to keep the SC off and never turn it on in this game... it"s a real shame...
  • AdamFreemanAdamFreeman Member Co-Driver
    Reading all this i've decided to keep the SC off and never turn it on in this game... it"s a real shame...
    I have been doing this for tbe past 2 years it just does not work atall properly atleast no sc means you get a somewhat fair race but you miss out on that chance to spice things up when things are going bad.

  • F12korF12kor Member New Car Smell
    I can alors confirmation this issue. 50% Monaco gp sunna weather. 
  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    @F12kor, did you also have the SC or VSC come out during the race?
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