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Career save files "corrupted"

Hi i woke up today to play career again and my career save file has been corrupted! Game gace me the info and asked if i wanted it to try take it back but it was unsuccessful, is there anything i can do anymore to get it back? 


  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    Hi @Caarlsberi,

    which platform are you on?
    which patch version are you using?
    did the game update to the latest patch between play sessions? 
    what team/season/weekend/session were you at in your career? Please be as detailed as possible.

    Thanks :) 
  • CaarlsberiCaarlsberi Member New Car Smell
    1,7 i think cos havent downloaded that newest patch, i just logged in again seemed normal just before pressing options button to get into main menu it happened
    I was in williams second season going to bahrain to start new weekend
  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    @Caarlsberi, were you disqualified from the previous session by any chance?
  • CaarlsberiCaarlsberi Member New Car Smell
    @CmRachel no i came 2nd, one reason canbe that i had it on restmode in china race but shouldnt go back to last season for that ( so yes i stil have the career mode but it on last season so it went back 5 races) 
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