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Online Replay

Hey guys,

I know there is sadly no possibility to watch online races in Replays / television style after the race. I cannot count how often me and my friends wished to have a replay function after an online race, because there were situations where we discussed a lot about the happening (like crashes, driving mistakes, start of the race, etc.). Nevertheless you could use replays for making highlights of the races and upload then on platforms etc.

So my question:

Did Codemasters ever tell us something about the reason we don't have this function or about the possibility do get this in the next game or patch?



  • Flazh92Flazh92 Member Pit Crew
    exactly what we discuss after every race in our online championship.. Wish we could watch the whole race and analyse it. Hopefully in 2018 it will be implemented since the attention for F1 Esport is big I think now is the time where they will focus much more on stuff like Spectator HUD replay mode for online races etc. Actually I think next year could finally be the year where we get the official TV HUD, because the official F1 YouTube page is also broadcasting the Esports events, so it would only make sense, but then again its codies whom couldn't add it since F1 2011 :D
  • likewiselikewise Member Pit Crew
    There are other games that offer this (PCars 2/DriveClub) but why CM can't implement this I'm not sure... This goes a long way towards understanding what ACTUALLY happened during an online race... This should be high on the list of features offered in the series... I would rather have this and better graphics than any of the other fluff and sideshows offered by CM.
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