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Patch 1.9 - SC and VSC

The ****. In this game, repair the SC and VSC ?! How much can you catch a bug with this ?!


  • SmiXSmiX Member New Car Smell
    Hi, try to be a little more descriptive, what happened?
  • MilligramSmileMilligramSmile Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2017
    in 50% of the online race goes just like VSС. It happens 5 times, but yesterday it was 11 times. What the **** ?
    already tired. Yes, the patch 1.9 is good but the SC and VSС as worked through the ass - so there it remains ...
  • F1SupportF1Support Member, Codemasters Co-Driver
    @MilligramSmile if you want to make a thread that's a reasonable bug report without swearing I will look in to the issue you're having but there is no information here other than your frustration so there isn't much I can do with this thread.

    Thread closed.
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