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I was watching aaravas recent Singapore career mode and noticed the cars looked updated. Mods ? (Sponsors on the side of the car ) then for cosmetic changes I noticed the Red bull had a t wing does this mean we've got pre Spanish gp cars then :)


  • larryllarryl Member Co-Driver
    just read the forum before you post.....
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  • RaalteRaalte Member Race Steward
    Do you even read things on this forum? Or are you just lazy and ask it straight away. The answer is in the very first topic in a thread called patch notes 1.8/1.9

    Kids these days... 
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  • Irons92Irons92 Member New Car Smell
    I watch aaravas career mode to i think hes used mod to change it as abbreviated names dont show up apparently, ive yet to see for myself as im an xbox player lol 
  • ThunderCats101ThunderCats101 Member Unleaded
    Did anyone also notice in his video that there's still the safety car bug of falling too far behind and also penalises the AI? The AI also pitted after the SC came back in, which I thought was meant to be fixed in 1.9... unless those incidents were just a one off (I hope). 
  • SamSmith12SamSmith12 Member New Car Smell
    Thanks yeah I didn't read it before . When will it come out for console anyway know 
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