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known bug? infinite dirt generation

marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
Is it a known bug ?
When watching the recorded laps in time trial mode and the car gets off the track then the car emits an infinite brown cloud at the following laps. According to my experience this can be only stopped by interrupting the recording and restarting it. The same happens when the car crashes into a barrier with some debris flying around. Back at the track the car continues spitting debris - infinitely when you don't restart the record. This is ridiculous. I will never understand that there are perfectly animated helicopters or even plant seeds in the game, which is more than superfluous in a racing game in my opinion and on the other hand the game is released with this infinite dirt and debris generator.

For your convenience, here are all videos:

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  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
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    Thanks Koppara, yesterday I had some problems to upload the video to youtube, that is why I asked for an alternative but now I have accomplished it: https://youtu.be/q-tEGugHU4Q  I hope it works.
    By the way, my question is answered - it seems this bug was not known yet.
    I will try to replicate the issue with spitting debris as well and post it here.

    Regarding the video: the cloud of dirt is very light and not brown as most of the time I experienced this issue - that is because the crash was more on grit than on grass. So here is an example with brown cloud as well:  https://youtu.be/zi9RPUM3LnU .

    Thank you all
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  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
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    Hi @marqurc, do you have a video of this issue please?
    What tracks have you seen this on? 
    What platform are you on?
    What patch version are you on?
    What do you mean by "recording"? Do you mean watching a downloaded ghost or an Instant Replay?

    Thanks :)
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  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
    Hi CMRachel, thanks for your reply.
    ad 1: I currently don't have a video but I will create one during the weekend. Can I upload it here in the forum somewhere?
    ad 2: the issue appeared for sure in Spa, Malaysia and just yesterday in Japan, at least the dirt generation. In Japan I had both the dirt and the debris. 
    ad 3: I run the PC version, at Windows 10 Home
    ad 4: currently I have patch 1.9 installed, but I have seen this issue in all previous patch versions since the game release. 
    ad 5: I have a German version of the game therefore I don't know the exact labelling in the English version. So maybe recording is the wrong expression. What I do is driving a session of about 20 to 30 laps in time trial mode and then watch the replay.

  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
    Hello CmRachel,
    I can now provide a video showing the dirt generation. I produced a hard crash but I could not replicate the debris spitting, but the dust and dirt cloud is very evident. Please let me know how can I give you access to the video?
  • KopparaKoppara Member, Drivers Wheel Nut
    @marqurc upload the video to YouTube or other video platform, I don't think that you can upload videos to the forum directly.
    F1 2016 Beta Tester
    F1 2017 Beta Tester
  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
    Hi, here is finally an example for the debris issue: https://youtu.be/SJpHlOGtqNE .
    The events of debris emission are best seen at about 0:43, 1:27 and 1:41 of the video.

  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    Hi @marqurc, do you have a video of how the bug was caused? I'm unable to reproduce the issue. Videos showing what you were doing before the bug occurs gives us a lot more information to work with :)

    What graphics card are you using by the way? 

    Thanks for taking the time to upload videos :)
  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
    Hi CmRachel,
    I mentioned in the original post that the issue starts when the car gets off the track or bumps into a barrier (as for the debris issue). Back on track the dirt/debris emission starts. Here is a video before and after off track crash, as requested:

    ...down the hill no dirt emission - then crash - after that never ending brown cloud, that's it.
    My graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780, driver version 387.92.

    I hope this is the information you need.

  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    @marqurc, I still can't reproduce this unfortunately and I'm on the GTX 760. What graphics preset are you using? Does this occur 100% of the time after a collision? Thanks again :)
  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
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    @CmRachel, thank you very much for your efforts :) . I did not expect that this would be such an individual bug.
    To your questions: please specify "graphics preset" - I am usually using the optimized settings from GeForce Experience.
    A collision is only prerequisite for the chunks of debris emission. It is also dependent on the collision angle. When the angle is steep enough to cause a front wing damage than the issue occurs - bumping into the wall with just the tyre this is not sufficient. Regarding the dirt cloud, a collision is not necessary to initiate the issue. It seems that any intense contact with the off track ground like "ploughing" or sliding through the grass or grit is the root for the issue. E.g. just driving a few meters beside the track without skidding recently did not lead to the dirt emission.
  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
    @marqurc, I found that the debris issue has already been logged and it's too late to fix it at this stage. But the dirt kick-up bug hasn't been found by QA yet, though it also probably won't get fixed either even if I can reproduce it.

    To find the Graphics Preset from the Main Menu: Game Options > Settings > Graphics Options > Advanced Setup. Whatever the Detail Preset at the top says (Medium, High etc). Thanks :) 
  • Ho3n3rHo3n3r Member Co-Driver
    I also have this. The other night I did Melbourne (custom Grand Prix), and I went off track once just after the start. Wanted to check my replay after the race, only to see that my car had this cloud behind it all race - or I assume all race, because I quit 6 laps into the replay because it pretty much killed the immersion of the replay, so I wasn't entirely motivated to watch the rest.
  • marqurcmarqurc Member New Car Smell
    Hi @CmRachel, I looked up the graphics preset as described but I fear it will not help a lot - it says "Userdefined". I guess it's more on the "High" level because most entries there are "High" or "Ultra High". Is there a way to extract a list of these settings so I can paste it in a comment? Yesterday I tried to embed a screenshot of these settings as they appear in GF-Experience without success - why is it necessary to put an image on a server first to gain a URL instead of copying it directly from my hard drive? Why easy when complicated is possible as well???
  • CmRachelCmRachel Member, Codemasters Unleaded
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    @marqurc, that's ok and thanks for trying. Knowing that you're on High/Ultra High settings should be enough.

    I've managed to reproduce the issue :)
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