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Extending a one stop stint

Q. What should you do with differential and brake bias if your trying to get to the end of a gp without pitting again? Does it depend on the circuit in question? For example in brasil gp, did a one stop, with 6 laps to go my medium tyres were 75% front left, 80% front right and rears were at 70%. Differential was set to 75% and brake bias was 65%. 
What could I have done with the bias and diff to ensure I made it to end of gp? 
What I did was I dropped bias back to 50%, to take strain off the fronts but got a rear puncture on last lap. 
What should I have done? 


  • SauloCirineuSauloCirineu Member Unleaded
    You could also loose the differential. However, camber, toe and antiroll bars are much more responsible to increase your tyre wear than break bias and differential.

    I don't think you could end your race in that scenario though. Maybe the best to do is to change drive style in order to minimize tyre wear.
  • CofferCoffer Member Pit Crew
    Brazil is one of those tracks where the AI has significantly better wear than you, and with that much wear, you should've stopped for options before the end. Stopping less tends to be underpowered in this game since pushing hard doesn't have quite as much of an effect on the tyre wear as it does in real life.
  • Brunocar100Brunocar100 Member Unleaded
    move the break balance to the rear. I usually play on 54/52 brakes. Then you will not lock up the fronts. For the rears dont spin them out. Short shift and dont slam on the throttle when exiting the corner
  • robin8frobin8f Member Wheel Nut
    First of all it 99% sure wouldn't be possible to complete the race with 6 laps to go if you already have 80% wear. But what you can do to reduce tyre wear is decrease differential (to 50%), reduce front brake bias (so more to the rear, low 50%), lower suspension (more towards 1), lower anti rollbars (more towards 1), don't go full steering lock through corners and run lower fuel mix through corners.
  • CofferCoffer Member Pit Crew
    robin8f said:
    First of all it 99% sure wouldn't be possible to complete the race with 6 laps to go if you already have 80% wear.
    His point was that he couldn't finish the race with those tyres because he reached that point and wants to know what he could've done to actually get those tyres to the end, but he honestly should've pitted long before that .Even if he could finish on those tyres, it would not have been worth it at all as he would be slower than if he pitted.
  • Brunocar100Brunocar100 Member Unleaded
    He is asking for a strategy during the race. So can only chande diff and brakes settings. Lean fuel also helps 
  • AceHasnain282AceHasnain282 Member New Car Smell
    Try and adjust the brake bias to balance out tyre wear between front and rear if front tyres are wearing out more then decrease brake bias and vice versa, increasing differential should help tyre wear but I'm not 100% sure on this. Driving style is also important, try not to turn as much into the corner and roll the car through, be gentle on brakes and throttle. I haven't nailed this yet either but it takes practice
  • CofferCoffer Member Pit Crew
    He is asking for a strategy during the race. So can only chande diff and brakes settings. Lean fuel also helps 
    That's why you make your strategy from the very beginning based off what you can do. Trying to change that at the end just through the diff and brake balance is simply too little too late.
  • AceHasnain282AceHasnain282 Member New Car Smell
    The race strategy practice programme is used to work out your tyre wear. Before start of the race, you can toggle for a personalised strategy and that will basically tell you if a 1 stop is possible or not. Although saying that you can still stretch the stints a couple extra laps in the race sometimes
  • Brunocar100Brunocar100 Member Unleaded
    I know all that about the strategy before the race but anything can happen during the race. SC, trying to stretch the tires until the rain hits, etc. ....
  • Bankai3987Bankai3987 Member Wheel Nut
    How you drive will have a bearing too.
    So if you're looking to extend your stint, driving smoother and less aggressively will also help a lot.
  • dino78dino78 Member New Car Smell
    Thanks guys for the suggestions. I would have been fine on the one stop if I hadn't stopped two laps earlier than planned due to a safety car. 
    As I'm in a Mclaren, a stop strategy of least stops as possible is helping me get points. 
  • Brunocar100Brunocar100 Member Unleaded
    you can also develop your tyre wear in the chasis R&D
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