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Creating your own stages?

gwibbitgwibbit Member New Car Smell
edited October 2017 in DiRT Rally - Suggestion Box
I just love Dirt rally, its the best rally game what I have ever own.
But theres couple things that I miss. I just wonder could it be possible to any kind of way that in future theres would be an option to create your own special stages?
Example that you could choose an country, in this example a Finalnd, and then you could plan your own shape for the road, how wide the road is, trees, ditches, rocks? Offcourse this option would be available in PC only i think..
I just wonder. How many of you guys would love to have something like this?

Creating your own stages? 6 votes

DoubleTenkris120 2 votes
gtmissionteknoid85Norbert1957ledid 4 votes


  • ledidledid Member New Car Smell
    It seems me a too complicated feature to implement for such a rally game.  The only affordable thing you could get as final user (gamer) is to edit your track by choosing different 'blocks' chains (e.g. similar to the editor of old 'Stunt' game in the 90's or to 'Trackmania' editor).  But it would reduce the variation you get with professionally designed tracks//stages... Yet here some parts seem similar between different stages, and I guess it is related to the design cost to get true variation quality.  What would be the affordable costs and accepted extra price of such a feature ?
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