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Codies League Championship PC (Sort of)

Eryx16Eryx16 Member New Car Smell
I didnt know how to word this so it didnt look like a standard attempt at recruiting..

The title is true sort of.
We here at NRL are hosting a championship with leagues in mind. Basically 10 leagues are permitted to enter the championship  2 drivers from each.
we do 5 tracks weekly (day and time to be decided) 
and if Code masters are prepared to work with us a little bit a prize will be on offer :)  
So heres a run down.
Short Qualifying - 50% race
Dynamic Weather
Safety Car - on
Strict Corner Cutting
Damage : Simulation
tracks - Australia - Spain - Spa - Malaysia - Brazil

If you have a league or are part of a league that maybe interested add me on steam

Peace out guys x

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