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Will Codemasters be the iRacing of Rally?


  • Madhun1967Madhun1967 Member Pit Crew
    could be if they fix the physics 
  • monkiemurdiemonkiemurdie Member New Car Smell
    No the product lacks play style depth at the moment.

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  • couger1981couger1981 Member Race Engineer
    Doubt it
    Iracing is a paid subscription service and all their tracks are laser scanned.
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  • rwbrwb Member New Car Smell
    edited May 2015
    I have to laugh at the idea of laser scanning a muddy gravel road, like I've seen suggested elsewhere. Will you do it again after the truck scanning this track leaves tracks in the road?
  • chillisteakchillisteak Member Unleaded
    I freaking hope not, hate the iRacing payment model. 
    Let's get you to buy all the content then make you pay for a subscription to use it! Unbelievable system, and it's crazy people think it's acceptable. 
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