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Final positions bug after race.

Hi all, just finished a 50% race and something weird happened. This screenshot of the race results will help explain a bit.
As you can see Perez won but Vettel and Raikkonen had a quicker race time than Perez and Bottas. (Bottas just got a failure after he crossed the line) When I was doing my final lap it even said Vettel had won the race and at first I thought the Ferrari drivers had penalties but when I looked on the race director the final lap to see if Grosjean had any time penalties, no one had except someone had a stop and go a few laps ago.
Haven't seen anything like this before.
I'm on PC, Career mode, 50%, Patch 1.9


  • rciprianoassisrciprianoassis Member New Car Smell
    I had the same problem on PS4. At the end of the race (china 50%), i was at 9th position, but in the final results i was at 2nd position. Hamilton, that didn´t finish the race, was at 3rd position. This game is tottaly bugged...
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