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F1 2017 PC - Voice doesnt work

Hello, I recently got F1 for pc and I play it with a hand-controller. The thing is even though I hold L1 I cant speak with the team. It doesn't say anything is wrong it just doesn't hear my voice


  • mantazzomantazzo Member, Drivers Co-Driver
    What language do you play on and have you installed all the required stuff? (It should be automatically installed, but in-case something goes bad, install everything you have in [Main Game Folder]/installers)
    Also, if it shows red chat bubble with X when you press L1, it means the software is not working; otherwise it might also be a problem with your microphone.
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  • EricTheRedEricTheRed Member New Car Smell
    hi there
    I have the same problem.............when I press T I can see th red bubble with a X mark and I have verify intergrity of game file with no luck
    Please I would like to get this working as I can see a big help for me as I am a keyboard player

  • Far1anFar1an Member Unleaded
    Have you activated you mic, while starting the game?

    If you mute your mic during the gamestart, ingame voice won´t work...
  • EricTheRedEricTheRed Member New Car Smell
    I dont really understand what you mean about ...............but i had to uninstall and reinstall the game and it looks like it fixed that problem will let you know when i play later
    Far1an said:
    Have you activated you mic, while starting the game?
  • EricTheRedEricTheRed Member New Car Smell
    logged in and tested to see if it worked and well it works


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