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Spectator HUD

Hi,i'm writing this willing to bring to your attention some "problems" about the shown HUD while spectating a race.

The new left panel with standings, delays, tyres, etc.. is indeed a nice and usefull feature, but there's no way to remove it if you don't want to show that panel, since it covers too much "the action". We use the spectator mode to stream live events and championships and while surely very usefull, this new update brught out a useless more complex system to "change spectating driver" making harder to swich fastly from a car to another one where the action is.
If using the "hide all" option, everything gets hidden and is impossibile to select directly a car. You are forced to slide throught each car, with a very awfull effect during a serious live event with houndreds of viewers.

I imagine you have lots of other more complex problems to work on with this game, but hope your team can find a minute to solve this or at least recover (in "hide all" mode) the old car change system..
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