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Dirt 4 - Very long loading times

Hi there,
I have an issue with my D4 on PC since last week.
The loading times of the games are horrible long now. It occurs when loading the game after starting. The first 2 screens come quick as normal but it takes over aminute to get to the starting-screen (Where you have to press start to enter the game).
Also loading a stage (Tested with a friend on multiplayer, it took me 30s longer to load the stage) takes very long - even worse is returning to the menu after finishing a stage. My friend s' PC´´D4 took 8s, my PC´´D4 needed 35s!!
Changed nothing on my PC, just use it for gaming. DR still runs quick as always, but D4 not at all! So I guess it can't be my PC. Checked my SSD Drive and it's in good condition.
Pre-ordered this game and playing since day of release. Never had any problems, this issue occured last week...
Any ideas that may help me?  Any more information required?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


  • LutzMLutzM Member Unleaded
    Found it out by myself...
    The loading times increased when I turned VSync on in the graphics settings. Also the game stuttered massively in some parts...
    Now I turned Vsync off again, which resulted in faster (normal) loading times but also in frame-rates above 85 while driving. This can't be handled from my TV...it seems to be a bug ?!
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