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edited October 2017 in F1 Games - Leagues
Hi i want to start a new pc league, if i get enough people i will go ahead with it, add me on steam if interested and i will give you more info :smile: 


  • iamtallisiamtallis Member New Car Smell
    Just added you buddy under ‘iamtallis’ totally interested
  • TyraniumTyranium Member New Car Smell
    You should loook into the S.R.O.C. F1. Preparations for season 4 are ongoing. Last race of Season 3 is upcoming Sunday.
  • iamtallisiamtallis Member New Car Smell
    Awesome mate I’ve had a look at the forum and would love to join. I couldn’t quite find how to join up can you help at all? Here’s my steam account if that helps 

  • hilkeyhilkey Member New Car Smell
    edited October 2017
    Im interested! Ive added you on steam from an account named arnejor.  :)
  • FranciscoMar936FranciscoMar936 Member New Car Smell
    Hi, im intrested in joining to.
    i´ve sent you a friend request my name is Fr4nC1sC0
  • swenteeningaswenteeninga Member New Car Smell
    Hey man, I am interesed! I have added you at my steam account. I hope you can give me some more info:)
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